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It turns out NASA are Elder Scrolls fans and geeks... What a shock.

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Surprising to nobody, NASA are nerds who like Bethesda games, more specifically The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and quoted the game recently in a public statement regarding the new James Webb space telescope. The first images from the new telescope have been making the rounds on social media promoting an interaction between the official Starfield account and NASA on Twitter leading to Bethesda quoting from Oblivion. Full story below.




So, yeah. A cool story if not that surprising.

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I haven't yet met an astrophysicist or computer scientist who doesn't enjoy Elder Scrolls to some capacity so that probably made someone's day. A little off topic, but aren't most pictures of space enhanced with colors added in? Like I'm pretty sure light doesn't work like that in space. We wouldn't really see anything color wise.

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