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  1. Man the times when Sony bought Insomniac for 230M, even Microsoft buying Zenimax for 7.5B looks like a good deal in comparison but I guess the revenue in mobile gaming is where it's at
  2. If you think it's going to be a very bad year then you will see it and beleave it will be. If you going to think positive then you will get positive feedback and resuilts. But then again who says what and does it really come ture. Going to have crap games and good games, It's no difference to other years.
  3. Nah. And not because there are big companies that can't do it but more because there are much easier alternatives. Google and Amazon have a ton of money but instead of investing billions on a console that will like lose all that money, they'll use technology they already have hence cloud gaming.
  4. I tend to keep boxes if I was going to be moving homes for an example. I have boxes for my flight stick and also my screens as I know they will be useful when boxing to move.
  5. This feels like a 90s cartoon emulating a 50s cartoon, and I don’t mean that as an insult. Reminds me of some of the 90s slapstick shows I watched as a kid, with higher-quality animation
  6. I'm surprised together wasn't on switch for a long time. I saw the original on switch online's game trials and that made me realize this, either way very happy this is coming to switch.
  7. What the absolute hell is wrong with EA? New World has by an abysmal failure but not because it didn't sell well. In the first few weeks it was one of the most played games in the world. It was the constant blundering that has dwindled the player population down to nothing. People want new MMOs and a Harry Potter MMO would have been a smash hit as long as it was done well.
  8. Just another some old COD that they are doing, really. It's all the same and it's boring. I don't understand how releasing it in October is related to poor sales of Vanguard, aren't CoD games yearly releases anyways? How is a one month earlier than usual release gonna help? Asking because I really don't get it.
  9. And to think the precedent would initially originate from gaming. I wouldn't be surprised if this were to evolve into a fully centralized system that will effectively ban you from any online website or platform if you're deemed a non-citizen, for whatever made up reason they came up with. Most hardcore leftists would love to have people that don't think like them to be vanished from the internet, if not shot dead in real life.
  10. Really cool concept ! I love that everything is animated in 2D (akin to Wario Land: Shake It), something that is, unfortunately, very rarely done. I will say the animation feels a bit stiff, but the creative intent behind each action is still really cool.
  11. Yeah, Indeed. Nowadays I look back to those games and just think to myself that they are crap in graphics XD. Compare to games now. But that being said I have some old games back since 2005 or older and the graphics are still very good for the age and what the code was built on.
  12. But after you even able to complete it, You can always redo int again at an harder level 🙂 THat's if you really into the game. Wolfenstein the old blood, for an example. You have three levels, from Baby to hard. Start with easyest to get to know what the story is about then you go with very hard
  13. Sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy What XD There is ONLY one empire around here, One and ONLY empire who is the boss around here that's also the roman empire's of all empire's 😜 That's me also 😛 I'm british. So you can't take that away from me. So wakup and see I have a thread to myself 😛 Thanks guys 😛
  14. Nope, and in fact I never even thought or have the intersts and funds to even do it Xd That's me anyway
  15. Empire


    That was the coolest, least intimidating way this has ever been explained. I LOVE that he are just going at the same speed. Its like being in a classroom.
  16. Yes and No, As far as using MFS to learn to fly: MFS, will have amazing graphics and very good checklist integration, so it will be a great tool for learning procedures, ATC communication, and airport operations. However, even with its advanced aerodynamics and weather simulation it still will not be a perfect substitute for actual flying. VFR flight IRL requires plenty of depth perception to the ground (like the sight picture for landing) that is difficult for even the best simulators to emulate. Feeling how the aircraft handles in maneuvers, with changes in power, and in different wind conditions is impossible to emulate on a computer. People who start learning to fly on simulators tend to over a lion instruments instead of looking out the window (I know I did!). I'm not saying you shouldn't use flight simulators to start studying for flying; you absolutely should and it helped me a ton, but take it with a grain of salt.
  17. It's a fantastic game! It took me roughly around 20 hours to finish. The combat takes some time to learn, but it's very rewarding once you do. If you into the game or film or just love everything about the theme then why not you would be loving it 😛 if the story and no bugs are right XD
  18. The thing I observed from this video was the sound guy was looking at the violence at a totally different way. He wasn't focusing on the fact that the guy is being crushed and getting grossed out. His entire pleasure was derived from an artistic motive to recreate whatever he was cooking up in his brain and the sounds he wanted, while evoking the target emotion using those objects.
  19. This is a classic philosophical argument. I personally disagree with the nihilistic viewpoint that everyone has skeletons in their closet so it is no use trying. It is the intention that matters most here. A common refrain against vegans is that you cannot do no harm against living beings entirely. You’ll walk across some grass and squash some ants or drive your car and get bug splatter. It is the persons intention that makes these things worth doing, if for no other reason than to selfishly improve your own life because you understand doing good things begets good things.
  20. I wonder what kind of talent the in house studio has? Did they get some talent from the Ubisoft studio from the last game? Or did they just create a new studio from industry vets? Really curious but also excited. Plus, I want a South Park game inspired by The Simpsons Hit and Run.
  21. Maybe it might come ture one day 😛 I mean tech is growing fast.
  22. I have 100% in Red Dead 2 and it absolutely doesn’t take 500 hours. 200ish including MP if you’re taking your time. 500 hours is just ludicrous and obviously going to be nothing but boring filler. So why made it that long, if the price is right then it's worth the money Xd
  23. Opinions on the practices and management of the company aside, if the existing Game Pass cost covers this Ubisoft addition in the same way EA Play is it’s an amazing value being added to an already excellent proposition. However I’m unclear as to whether it’s just a Ubisoft+ module being added like how EA Play used to be.
  24. I don't know if it was fighting depression really, but Persona 4 helped me feel better about myself. The theme of confronting the worst parts of yourself and embracing them was really reassuring.
  25. The PSVR1 hardware was good at the time. It’s just the tech advanced and now it’s very outdated. PSVR2 however has great specs from what’s been revealed
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