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  1. Go with Xenogears. I love Xenosaga 3 and want to recommend it, but it's only worth it if all the symbolism of Episode 1 and 2 are fresh in your mind. I would replay each game before a new one came out, so I was always ecstatic to learn what happens next.
  2. Either the PS3 with backwards-compatability with PS1 and PS2 games, or the Xbox Series X with backwards-compatability with all Xbox One games and decent number of original Xbox and Xbox 360 games.
  3. Religion aside, this makes me think about how rarely you see games about being nice to people. I mean, fundamentally, most games are just skinned Skinner boxes anyway. Push button, get dopamine. Surely there'd be a way to make a "granting wishes" mechanic function in the same way. Why does walking on water not use Christ power? Is it not a sufficiently powerful miracle? As far as I know, it's pretty abnormal for people to walk on water.
  4. If I had to count then it's a long list 😛 JUst not on stream or Epic but I have games also on dics 🙂 back in the day. I have like 211 steam games and on Epic around 84 games. That's not all the games though on other networks. Can't remember the number whithout opening
  5. How thinga are at the moment I would say that they going to let it die and move onto GTA 6 more then anything else you know, just think about that
  6. Yet DC has lots of great characters.The movie just need better scripts. Maybe Paul Dini could write a decent Batman script? Just one villain per movie..All the movies with more than one were bad
  7. Or they see that on YouTube and Twitch and they go nuts to get on your screen 😛
  8. Just think that my Router now is 6 years old and worth nothing when I paid $500 back then 😜 I mean the firmware still gets update
  9. Well, better look after it then as soon as it poops that it 😞 the end and not easy to repait and repalce
  10. One of my dogs is smart enough that he can actually watch TV. He tends to bark like crazy whenever he sees any dogs on screen or other animals.
  11. All of the marvel studios animated projects have been essentially what if/elseworld stories so far, what Gunn is implying may mean these animation projects actually affect what happens in the live action projects which could be cool.
  12. Just like the creation of Wi-Fi is now being attributed to a single woman, when in reality she was just one of the people who contributed to it's eventual creation.
  13. Most of the characters from Terra Formars. Didn't expect to take bugs, crustaceans and other small critters to make really cool superhuman abilities. Eventually lost interest in the story though.
  14. Games that people make it into a needless drama in GTA Roleplaying. I mean I been there and done that... COME ON. people can't take it when they do not like something that goes thereway
  15. A similar aproach like in Stalker and the Metro games can be taken where in the higher difficulty both you and the enemy die in very few bullets. What this does is make the whole combat a lot more tense and makes going gung ho into a fight impossible, but since enemies also die very quickly then a stealthy or a more strategic and slow way has to be taken and can be very effective. both Stalker and Metro execute this very well, but for this thread Stalker is a better example since you can play it like a loot based rpg similar to division or borderlands (though borderlands and division both have some sort of levelling up and perk system).
  16. If you’re looking for a sense of community, that’s one thing that a lot of mobile Freemium games do extremely well. Well, it’s not the games themselves, rather the people who play them. I don’t know if there are any games where you can all be part of the same little village or anything like that. But each game always have a community - even if it's GTA or flying
  17. I not dislike them, but I can't say that I'm a fan of them. Yes they are cool and you get to do what you want to do out of the box. But it's not everyone cup of tea. The good old days of people telling stories that I love to hear in older game titles
  18. I use excel. I also keep track of movies and tv shows and books I read, along with video games that I have beaten (or beaten enough of to consider closed out/gotten my moneys worth). I also give myself goals for each month for how many of each of these I want to finish, plus my other hobbies. Its fun to do, and it keeps me busy with stuff i enjoy in my free time, rather than just sitting around rewatching stuff ive already seen too many times.
  19. Very important, that's why I like auto-saved and also doing my own save. Also if the game supports cloud gaming saves then even better to have them all. You do not know when harddrives go poop and you loose 5000 hours of work 😛
  20. Nope. Of course. It takes a lot of commitment. In order to become a pro, or even diamond you need to take your own improvement your number one priority. You have to be willing to take criticism. League isn't based on physical capabilities, the work you put in will reflect your own growth as a player. All lcs players started off as a level one. It's their love for the game and commitment that have made them successful, not innate ability (for the most part )
  21. well, it was bad for me with some factors
  22. Empire


    Its such a hard game with no easy way to learn and lack cheese tactics, its daunting to play like I played against a vet and got absolutely rolled and for many people that would make them quit as well as one slip up and that could be your whole game, you could be equally skilled and just had a small mistake and be absolutely done for cause of its not a forgiving game
  23. And they ended up having to post it back or what XD Play Turkeycooking that end up you eating it in realism life game 😛 mistakes can happen
  24. Hm that’s interesting, one of the reasons I loved the first game, and I suspect a reason why a lot of others liked it, was how focused it was. They did a great job creating a very specific vibe with Vizima that it’s still my favorite location in the series, it’ll be interesting to see how it functions in an open world game.
  25. Sounds like the possibility of a new game is ever so slightly there, still, but it's such a small chance it might as well not exist. Yet, assuming it does eventually happen, I already see the sequel would be controversial, as there's people who want more open world and others who want compartmentalised tracks. I'd honestly prefer the track-based format. Open world Burnout felt... Generic, for me, as if much of the essence was sacrificed in favour of the sandbox setting.
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