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  1. Last game that I have got back into it again is World of warships
  2. My single monitor cost me like around $800 USD 😛 worth more then your PC XD
  3. Indded they are, but then again there are many that are old that are good at texting... It's how they learn who got them to get them into it.
  4. I don't want to wear glasses to watch a movie. And If I already wore glasses for my vision, I sure as hell wouldn't want to add another pair on top of those. I can think of exactly one move in my entire life that truly benefited from 3D, and that's Gravity. Most movies just don't need 3D, so it's not worth the hassle as a viewer. I think if 3D movies make any kind of comeback, it'll be in VR.
  5. High end gaming computer anyday 🙂 You end up paying far more amount of money yet you can do so far and more with it, not just gaming. serve multi purpose task and video to everyday things. Supports more type of games and modding games. can run games far more higher then on any consoles.
  6. Empire


    It was ahead of its time but Segas choice to not use DVDs for their media so we all could also play them was a big mistake at the time was avery fun for all console. I never palted it though and so that's the last of it 😞 said - can maybe get hold of it..?
  7. I’ve always wanted to try Atari games but I never had the time to do so. I’ve thought about getting the Atari Flashback Classics game for the Switch. Good idea or no?
  8. Here goes Afterwashing and back to my bedroom, I spend time finnshing cleaning and putting things away On my laptop for the last 30mins or more, or maybe on my dkestop still talking to people in discord. around 11pm or 11.30pm I then get into my bed 😉 at times even later I then spend three years watching films or TV series in bed till 2am or 3am Sleep
  9. To many to even think about, I have buy DLCs and games that I never played Xd
  10. I think most people consider the generation they grew up with to be the best. For me, the PS2 generation was far better than the 360 one. 3D graphics had finally found their place. So many innovative games were coming out each year, game development was still cheap enough that moderate sized studios could compete with AAA companies. Microtransactions were unheard of and games didn't require internet connectivity to properly enjoy. Gaming in general had a wild west feeling where developers were willing to take risks and try new things.
  11. Most times it's not just the game that you playing that stress you out but the people that you may play with. World of tanks or ships can stress people out if they keep getting bad resuilts
  12. I think most RPGs with random battles are a chore to play these days. I was just broken by my last run of FF6 - I was trying to get out of a cave dungeon in the world of ruin and it felt like there was a 30+ second random battle every 5 seconds on the map. Looking back, random battles totally crush the mood/immersion of the dungeon that the music and setting create. Chrono Trigger had it figured out all those years ago, it's a shame it took most RPGs so long to catch up. A game like Octopath coming out still using random battles is a head-scratcher to me.
  13. Empire


    What about your blood glucose? You really ingested nothing other than water for 40 days? I get shaky after just 24 hours of no food. I didn't even think 40 days was possible without at least some negative side-effects on your body in the long term (past the end of the 40 day water diet).
  14. I have to think hard about it, wish I never fund out that I had a half sister maybe LOL
  15. That went from 0 to 100 real quick. All these creatures have a striking resemblance to Pokémon. Ampharos, pikachu, cobalion, reshiram, and zoroark come to mind when seeing this. Oh and let’s not forget the giant kyogre flying through the sky
  16. I would say go for PC. Better performance/load times, mod capabilities, and because it’s not cross platform. Also text size is small and you want a large display. I put in 100 hours on Switch since that’s my primary system. It’s sufficient for the main campaign but if you’re looking to do multiplayer or build any decently sized projects the switch will be under too much strain.
  17. Playing games like that, I really never thought about that as a game murderer 😛 It's a game, doesn't matter what we do, all games that we play we always end up killing in the game. GTA, CSGO, Hell let loose. I think the difference with The Last of Us and Uncharted is that The Last of Us kind of sells us on that as a normal part of their world at that point. Nathan Drake doesn't really have the same excuse. That might be why IGN loves to call him the most notorious mass murder of all-time.
  18. Always happy to hear the gaming news bro, you're doing a great job bud. My overall opinion on the EA selling/merging is mainly reliant on whether we the gamers even recognize EA as a gaming company presently. Surely the stockbrokers/holders always foresee that if a company doesn't have "their audience" in mind than ultimately the future of that company may be in a different industry But if that SOB andrew wilson insists on staying on than nothing will change really. Just hope that whoever the winning bidder is, they will get rid of wilson & clean house at ea & restore some luster to all those gaming IPs owned by ea.
  19. Surprised nobody said Destiny yet. Top of the line AAA graphics, amazing gunplay, competent multiplayer but it all kinda added up to... meh. Obviously the story was a hot mess but that wouldn’t have been an issue if the gameplay were more interesting. You can blame the writing for that. Basically every spoken line in the game was either merely informational or filler. They built this awesome world, and then told you nothing about it. Instead you just listen to dumb jokes all day long.
  20. Congratulations to VGR and all it's members to help to reach that achievement of the life of the site 🙂 WOunder how long it would take to get to the next highest point 🙂
  21. Even going to the coldest room with no carpets with feet on the floor is good
  22. Pick my image and be twins 😛
  23. My grandperants do still, they can do both but they rather just talk to them on the phone rather then reading and texting. Regards to me, I'm aren't fussed. Depends at the end of the day. text are alright to send information fast and to and from, but it's just as fast to call them speak and do it that way
  24. As someone who has dealt with depression and anxiety I agree. I like playing them but I'd say they can polarize my mood. At best if things are bad I can ignore it for hours. At worst I stop playing mid session and dwell on the fact I'm playing video games when I could be doing something else and suddenly I'm 10 times worse than before. I think it also depends on the game. If I'm playing something I'm actually invested in, the time spent feels more "worth it" than if I'm just booting something up because I want to play a game but dont actually know what to play.
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