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  1. First two are pretty fun, not mind-blowing cinema but definitely exciting arena action films with unique world-building. Third film feels like a waste of time. Fourth has a decent first half where it kinda gets back into the arena-style action and then has a floppy ending. Say what you want, Jennifer Lawrence is a captivating action heroine in these movies even if the writing was often hammy. Also, Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks are quite fun in this.
  2. I remember reading that you would have your own Bond origin story with original story. When it comes out and down in ptice, I'll buy it. And they are going to start look8ng for a new Bond next year, so when the next movie comes out in theatres I can see it in theatres for the first time and alone if I want to. Huge detailed maps like the latest Hitman games obviously.
  3. What... I can't believe it. He was the best part of the Resident Evil show by a landslide, that's the first thing I've ever watched him in. Just a great actor and very charismatic, can't believe he died so young. Rest in peace...
  4. Personally they scratch different itches. Sometimes I like to interact with my entertainment and sometimes I like to watch shows that lets me get invested in the long term success and failure with good writing. Sometimes I have to switch it up between the two when I need to mix up the entertainment. I think there’s room for both because purpose and feelings I get from games and tv shows are so different. I feel like this focus on what is or isn’t “for adults” can make you miss a lot of cool stuff. While some of the best tv series and video games ever made are for adults, some of the best video games and tv shows ever were made for “kids”
  5. Usually refers to people who just watch the mainstream news(and before certain people come after me yes I'm including fox news) and just have a "I support the current thing" attitude. Basically people who don't think for themselves and have opinions spoon fed to them
  6. Like anything else you look after your gear it will last, till the hardware firmware gets to old and or no more support. should last at least 5 years. I myself waiting to own my first.
  7. Then people should not buy it if it's going to be sold like that 😛 I mean silly system to do...
  8. SInce it's free they only have X-amount and so people have to wait in line and wait till there is a next slot free they only ahve so many GPUs. they can't have 50K GPUs LOL
  9. Also the price can be more and double 😜 But then you got to look at cooling... they can run higher at times. I'm no gaming laptop person anyway.
  10. Not all have that on a airline ;( No point just relaxe and watch the screen in front, that's comes down to what airlines you end up going
  11. Was excited when you first mentioned The Perceiver and immediately lost interest when you likened it to Sekiro. I know it’s beloved by many but I’m not a fan of that gameplay style. Would love something set in ancient that more resembled Ghost of Tsushima in gameplay!
  12. The game is much more enjoyable as a game to play with friends at a lower skill level. If you enjoy high level play that’s fine, but the game devolving into who can more consistently hit the same 40% combo is boring as hell to watch/play. Yet MK11's story was hot garbage. Doing another time travel story that pretty much undoes MK9 & MKX really pissed me off. Not to mention, Sonya is probably one of the most annoying characters in the franchise now. Also my disappointment in NRS wasting Dark Raiden is immeasurable.
  13. I don’t think you guys realize how intense/fun last of us mp was back in the og PlayStation 4 days. There was only two mp shooters at that time, call of duty and last of us mp. Last of us mp felt exactly like gears of war.
  14. Personally I think they should just abandon The Last of Us and Uncharted for like a whole generation. Both franchises have absolutely nowhere to go mechanically and the stories are already stretched to their breaking points.
  15. I will for sure get this game but my only criticism is that there’s too many costume options for a horror game. It would’ve been fine if the costumes weren’t so out of place. Ain’t nobody gonna fight ghosts with a bikini on. It kind of takes away from the horror
  16. I organize by system then alphabetical like everyone else. I have a separate shelf I do the same system of organization but with my same system multiplayer games so friends can easily see what options we have for playing together.
  17. Story that I came with a windows phone that I had a deal and spent around $60 and they sent me two LOL rather then one single phone and stuck with them for awhile and as time goes on WIndows phone just became unsupported
  18. It's been fun and I stream it myself but not as active, I like to take my time playing the game and not to miss everything 🙂 you know
  19. There is no excuse for releasing the game in this state. It is poorly optimised and has either been tested and released regardless of its obvious problems to meet a deadline or budget criteria or not tested at all. Private Division and all parties involved should be utterly ashamed.
  20. Lighter and sillier than Manhunt, but look at Slayaway Camp. Basically a parody of Friday the 13th movies with voxel art and puzzle gameplay. It's got brutal execution animations, but it's more silly than scary.
  21. I don't, then again I never have 😉 Costs are not cheap and end of the day people still get to read news and whatnot without paying/
  22. I personally think anything that makes old consoles function "better" is a good idea. By better, I mean more playable, compatible with more/newer displays, audio/video upgrades, region compatibility fixes, wireless controllers, etc. What I don't like are bad cosmetic mods, like weird and poorly done case mods, spray paint, replacing good condition original parts with new crappy repros that nobody is gonna want in ten years, stuff like that.
  23. I mean how even that works if you try and formate and try and add another account to the system. there are ways to reslove it if you watch YouTube
  24. There's no excuse about not having cloud saves because "there might be cheating" because there's numerous examples of people using hacked pokemon in VGC worlds championships and it's easy to spot, pokeballs that are impossible to get with a certain set (cherish balls on pokemon not with cherish balls, old event Pokemon with newer pokeballs, etc.) And they've never done anything about it.
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