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  1. I usually prefer open world, but it really depends on the kind of game. The enjoyment from a game is derived from different aspects for different genres.
  2. Most games that I wouldn't recommend or games that are just rubbish I wouldn't even play them in the first place. I can name one. Shower With Your Dad.
  3. I only do it when I have collected enough to move up XP as free as I can. I do see an point of doing it but people pay allot of money to grow higher and higher. I'm level 40 and happy to be at that rank. Even that I do see people on my list always on going.
  4. Last weapon that I used was from doing GTA5 with an compact pistol and a knife blade.
  5. I prefer headphones over speakers. You can just hear so much more detail with headphones. With speakers you would have to turn the volume up really high to hear the same detail, but then may you disturb other people in your house or even neighbours. I do tend to use speakers when I am expecting interruptions from others, since its annoying putting the headphones on and off to talk to people.
  6. I have allot of games that I'm selling in my store. I just haven't sold one yet. Based online anyway. I have gave games away but not yet sold. And what I have done is brought allot at an good price and selling it on to make profit and also able to be cheaper then anywhere else.
  7. I got into around of age 10 when I moved from state to state and got hold more into the gaming PC side. Over the years I just got into allot more. I can not remember what crap game it was lol but I most had fun. Back then there wasn't much games or even an good pc to able to have good FPS games.
  8. PC gaming is now more popular than it has ever been in the past. However, PC gaming is dominated by online gaming. The kinds of PC games that become blockbusters are online games, e.g. PUBG, WOW, CrossFire, Dungeon Fighter, LOL, etc. And online games such as these aren't known for having AAA production values. AAA gaming is a niche within the wider PC gaming industry.
  9. It can be done, I mean I would use an work station card rather then a day to day card. But if you have an good amount of specs then it's easy done said. Depends on what art you want to do?
  10. I yet to find my very very first one. I just never own one. And I don't think that I will.
  11. Empire

    Last Game Played

    Last game that I played was in a RP with an FiveM community
  12. Built all the way. Regards brands! I mostly stick with Asus 🙂
  13. Empire

    Post your specs

    Here is the tech, Over the years all I did was added 500GB SSD another 1TB and a new power slab. And back then it would cost allot not like now. Yet still can run just about anything on high, other then pubG as my GPU Vram is max to 2GB and that most cards now are more then 2GB Case: Cooler Master Storm Trooper PSU: Cooler Master V1200 Platinum CPU Cooler: Cooler Master hyper 212 SSD: Samsung 850 evo 500gb HDD: WD HDD 2x 1 TB + WD Blue 2 TB Processor: Intel Core i7-3930K GPU: Asus 680 gtx directcu ii Motherboard: Asus P9X79 Deluxe RAM: Corsair 16GB Vengeance Router/Modem: Asus RT-AC5300
  14. I was looking forward to playing this game on ps4, I hated waiting for it because it came out one year earlier on xbox one. Whatever, this amazing game didn't let me down. It's worth my wait and my money. I've played all tomb raider games and I could compare it especially with its prequel, Tomb Raider 2013. First of all, graphics are amazing, one of the best I've ever seen on PS4, both characters and settings are absolutely realistic. Settings are breathless, not too varied being always in the same area but amazing and well-finished. Unlike its prequel, Lara has more abilities and skills to improve, in this new one she can also swim under water, climb on trees, hide herself in bushes to avoid enemies and use a grappling hook! All of this, added to more tools to collect to upgrade guns, moreover she can also change her outfit and each one has a different bonus. In the previous one, you had just 4 weapons and both hunting and gathering were almost useless, they just gave you some xp. While in this one, like in Far Cry, you have a wide range of weapons and you have to kill a bear to obtain its fur and create a holster, or you need to collect mushrooms and wood to make poisoned arrows, just for instance. Map is twice (or even three times) as big as the prequel and the gameplay is very long, to finish the story you need to take 15 hours, but if you want to explore the tombs, follow secondary missions etc.
  15. Over the years I have collection. An big list and yet there isn't my number one favourite game. FSX GTA4 & GTA5 ATS CSGO
  16. Empire


    PS2 was the only console that I own, it was the best of the best and still I have the two controllers for them. regards the console itself it has been damaged and bin years ago. even that I had 5 games it was so good. And yet it was not that big, meaning that the new console are way way to big. I wish they design an new updated one and let it come back
  17. Yes and no. No, in that it’s making plenty of money, there’s plenty of developers, and plenty of new games coming out. Yes, however, there’s a super-saturation of developers jumping on the bandwagon. While there’s more money in total, it’s being stretched pretty thin so that even devs with great games are basically being pushed out of the market just due to the sheer volume being produced. This is probably not a long term “death” by any means, though. We’ll probably see a die-off of a bunch of smaller companies and single-dev indie startups when it becomes impossible to ignore the fact that most of them won’t make any profits and it’s not the cash cow they seem to think it’ll be. When that happens, you’ll see a correction on its own where the more competent developers are able to take advantage of the situation. Things like candy crush and other such games, however, are not going to go away unless they’re made illegal. They’re specifically designed to make abusive use of the very tiny portion of the population with severe gambling addictions and so on. Less than 1% of their player base makes up for over 90% of their profits, and when you consider that some of them are making millions per month, that should become suddenly very worrying when you realize what that means the average person in that 1% range is paying out. Basically, regulation of harmful games which are designed explicitly to milk a very small amount of addictive personality customers for unhealthy amounts, will wind up killing that portion of the market off, which would mean fewer devs expecting to be the next big thing, and the market itself would decrease drastically in scale of production… but it would be higher quality games on average. As it is, it will have a “small” death in that the more people that enter the market, the less sustainable it will be for most of them and you’ll see a crash similar to what happened back in the dot-com crash in the 90’s. It won’t kill off everything by any means, but it’ll change the way the games are made substantially.
  18. Empire

    GTA 4

    I'm pretty shocked that some of you don't like the wanted level system. It's amazing and a great framework for all future wanted levels. It is clearly superior to GTA3 systems. . From playing GTA5 allot and going back to 4 again is like the good old days. I mean GTA4 was an very big played game back in the day and for the full modding community who turn the game upside down into an hole new level. GTA5 is very good but GTA4 has things and options and story that GTA5 doesn't have. I still play LCPDFR
  19. Wolfernstein and Fallout 72 are going to be very big if not already have. But me Just going to peace out as those big title will be not so cheap. Ripppp
  20. Count me in as another player. I'm not the best here and can say that I on'y played 140 hours and if I was to pick an shooting game with action then CS:go is my option. It has it's downs and ups. Like all games you going to get cheaters and the system will never kick them. Anyway as I talk they have made an update to the menu and whatnot and improve the graphics! what do you think of that then? I say that I like it but you have to get used to the new layout
  21. Most of you are so undone. It's very simple as to why CoD 4 was the best of the best. It had dedicated servers that allowed a community and players to use skill rather than stupid camping tactics available to others. It allowed PB and admin to kick/ban hackers and it allowed for multiple servers ranging from your classic TDM (which is all anyone plays these days) to HC SND (you know the one game mode only pros play). For that reason along with its entire simplicity and new-age game style CoD 4 is and always will be the best. List of CoD Games: CoD 4: MW CoD: MW 2 CoD: BO 2 CoD: MW 3 CoD: BO CoD: BO 3 CoD:AW CoD:1 CoD:2 CoD: 3 CoD: WaW CoD:Ghosts - This was such a let down, my favourite artist singing the theme song, my GT in the title. Yet the worst CoD of all time. So crap, I think i played less than 40 hours. Compare that to the over 1400 hours of CoD 4 and 1000 hours of MW 3 (Where I sat at 89th in the world for HCTDM before life)
  22. Number one that I would play allot other then walking dead LOL is Killing floor. I have both of the games and it's very fun 🙂
  23. I would go for Invincibility. Not powerful, but not killable either. I would right all the wrongs in the world and take out all tyrants. This includes the "shadow governments" if they exist. The only abilities I would go for other than that would be to go into someone's body and take control. I'd mess with people more than I already do. Or levitation. I always wanted to float over peoples.
  24. Yes to an point! but end of the day I mostly spend most of the time with two other family members. I do have an bother but we never speak or in my case haven't seen him in 15 years and so I can say for my mum and dad. And also my family members are living allover the world
  25. Start from 0 to 1000 and keep on going to we all work together to reach that amount. Doesn't mater how long it will take as long as we all complete it. Never know that someone who says 1000 will win something cool
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