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  1. Well, I do not even have 2000 or even 3000 series cards, plus not all games even support it even. Ray tracing is definitely something that will improve over time. In most games it still doesn't seem worth it to turn on. For example in Cold War Zombies, with all settings maxed out, with a 3090 using DLSS Quality at 4K, the game around 145-160fps with ray tracing off. With the ray traced shadows and ambient occlusion on medium, It can drop to 70-100 fps. Almost a 50% reduction in performance for ray tracing that is barely noticeable. Definitely not worth it.
  2. Looks really cool, I love the art style, very castle crashers/hollow knight’esque. in my opinion, indie games have been killin it! Basically every upcoming game that intrigues me are indie games
  3. I think that we will see more inspired developers who wanted to do this from a very young age. I heard some reports that Game Development is one of the biggest jobs that kids want to do when they’re older. I think that with so many people wanting to do this, only the kids who actually took a jab at development and had original ideas will be hired because they can’t hire everyone. So hopefully we see even better indies and AAA titles over the next few years. I also want to see more opportunities for budding developers. What the heck happened to valve pipeline? We need ways for kids to learn this stuff and also have role models in the industry that aren’t just players. They need a new gabe or reggie to look up to.
  4. I used to love just driving around in GTA: Vice City, listening to the awesome 80s music. I remember one moment where I caught some air, the game went into the slo-mo cinematic view with the sun setting in the background as More Than This was playing on the radio and it was just sublime. I fucking love that game.
  5. Always, even gaming with other people we talk about gaming
  6. I have many favorite games, MAny that I do not play again like age of empire's or even GTA 4, then again I always like going back to those days when I was playing it and watching videos that I did back when doing YouTube. I still do have them installed. Anything flying related sims is my go to go game, plus DayZ
  7. I sometimes buy things and don't get around to playing them, but usually what will happen is I beat a game that I really enjoyed, sell it, and later when it's cheaper buy it again, but having already beaten it, I don't open it. Then years later I have an unopened game that I would be foolish not to sell and pick up an open copy should I want to play it again.
  8. Not looking forward to another 200GB game size and would take days to download LOL
  9. Even older I mean some good looking cars also 🙂 Rather like the old cars for the looks then the new
  10. Not directly, but playing videos games can make you learn new skills in away or make you even worse. GTA RP back in GTA 4 days was the game that got me into social gaming or at least meet new people and made good mates online 😉 Also Ages of Empires. Strategy games I think really helped me develops strategic thinking in other areas of life when I got older. I played hundreds of hours in 5-8th grade.
  11. Well, going to say why giveup gaming while you are making money as you are gaming 🙂
  12. Made basic mods for GTA 4 bac kin the day, but not anymore. I have those files still uploaded till this day 🙂 But who does GTA 4 nowadays other then new titles. I rather make skins for cars or aircrafts that I do with Flight sims 😉
  13. I’ve heard Stardew Valley is extremely calming and a fun, on your own pace farming game. Never played it but wanted to suggest it, yet you can get old of games that runs from a USB drive, like Age of empire's or Halo or even games like battlefeild 😉 I had those games while at school/collage and playing them in my lunch break back in the day on old XP systems
  14. Games like age of empire's 2 that came out back in the day and looks the same till today even with HD edtion 😉
  15. Very Important. Music is very important to me in general so when I play a game with shitty music, it tends to bring down the experience. Memorable soundtracks like Ocarina of Time bring back a rush of nostalgia any time I hear the music. The ambient soundtrack in Resident Evil 4 just adds to the suspense of the game making it so much better.
  16. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile on the PS1. Honestly one of my favorite platformers of that generation, with a unique story. Too bad the world got flooded with mascot platformers around that time. This game really stood out among the rest.
  17. Not my field, but I would say medical and technically most jobs, because while not hands on training, it can be pretty close to the real thing if the application has a budget and team behind it, and some people including me learn pretty much mostly once you actually start doing it. I forget like 86% of the things learned by ear.
  18. Just had a look into the site, I'm impressed that it also helps those that ate into twitch streaming and helps them to grow. I see benifits formyself then to grow on twitch myself. Not trying to advertise here, but you get my point 🙂 I'm lucky yo have a great group of online friends that I have and on Discord, however metting more new people going to be also great and having to find more people that willing to do what I want to do other then getting told by others what I can't and can do you know. Hell, might be the frist for microsoft flight simulator 2020 on epal 😛
  19. I do not get any calls that often anyway and never had to miss a call. Might get one call a month 😛 Who calls nowadays with SMS and emails and apps that gives you free calls 😛
  20. Nope, I wish. I do not even drive. I like to ride in some old classic sports car 🙂 they are good looking and you really hear the engines saying hi at you.
  21. If i remember correctly, unless it is a chemical addiction, usually addiction is defined to be “addiction to the point where it affects normal life”. So yeah, for psychological addictions, as long as it don’t affect your life to the point you have problems in your life, and can’t go on, then it’s not an addiction. Me, in away MSFS2020 or anything related to flight sims.
  22. Perfect timing as having this relaxing game portable is amazing. I have it on pc free on epic store but would pay to have it on switch so I can watch Amazon while getting my ranch up and going
  23. interesting concept i only wish it was like the old sims game where natural disasters can strike and you have to deal with it. Anyone has played it for real and see how crap it is 😛
  24. Last night, I did stream it also, did hell let loose 🙂
  25. Well, one of the first games that I got into, hence the name "empire" hence that I use the name empire on all acounts and even my email. I love the game and I always tend to go back to the days when I was or were playing it.
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