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The Blackangel

Non-Soccer Talk

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I have to start a new thread here. Every thread I see is related directly to soccer, which is fine. It is after all the most popular sport in the world, and everyone plays it. But I have no interest whatsoever in soccer. I played it when I was 8, and haven't been in it since. Yet there's a lot of people like me, or that have interest in other sports. For me I'm a hardcore hockey nut. I love the game. I know there are others who are into NBA, NFL, MLB and so on. So this thread is for open discussion wherever it goes for sports talks that are not soccer related.

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The pre-season went pretty good this year. We (Red Wings) beat the Leafs last night. Unfortunately we lost to the Caps Wednesday. We're going up against the Leafs again tonight to officially kick off the 22-23 season. Hopefully we can win again to keep them down. They're one of the better teams in the league, so hopefully we're going strong when we see them for the first official season game starts tonight.

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The NBA is up and running and I see bucks at the top of the Eastern conference table.

I support the 76ers and does anyone think they could get to the top of the table as they are currently 6th on the table and down by two points.

What are your thoughts.

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