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Family sedan

I've just purchased WRC 9.

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3 minutes ago, Family sedan said:

Thanks.  I just remembered another difference between 8 and 9.  You have more options of places they could send you on maintenance days in 9.

I actually noticed that when I had my first play through but I felt it was negligible and not really a factor worthy of mention here.

But I also noticed you had more options in terms of car customization and upgrade if you ever feel the need to do one.


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2 minutes ago, Family sedan said:

I feel like there is less customization in 9.  You can't change spoiler angle or ride height like you could in 8.

I rarely change my ride height though I played it some months ago but I remember you could change the ride angle, every WRC game I have played had that settings.

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On 11/23/2022 at 6:00 AM, Family sedan said:

The best thing about rally games is seeing lands that you may never get to see in person and playing with cars that aren't for sale in your nation's market.

That's true, you get to experience different regions and explore land , which Is the reason I am more fascinatinated by graphics than anything else.

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On 11/26/2022 at 5:40 AM, Family sedan said:

I like the Switch's graphics.  Maybe the leaf definition could be better when it comes to trees, but other than that it's good.

I do too, I haven't played it on any other platform though so I can't compare it to any other.

The leaf edition was a massive success in term of  its performance.

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