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How is Nier Automata on the Switch?

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Nier Automata recently came out for the Nintendo Switch, and from what I see it's getting decent reviews. It's not the same situation as the recently released Alan Wake Remastered for the Switch. That looks to be a mess currently graphically and performance wise. 

From all the reviews I've looked at, they all seem to be good to great ratings. It's always weird seeing big games working on the switch, but it's good to see one that actually does. Has anyone here played it? How does it compare to the original released? 

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As long they ditched the stupid DRM that slows the game to a crawl on PC, I'm sure it would work fine. On PC I had to instal graphic modifying framework software to launch the game through just to get it to run properly. It is a fairly old game at this point, so I see no reason the switch wouldn't be able to run it just fine with the right optimisation. Remember this was made by Platinum Games, the same company behind Beyonetta, so the know how to optimise games for the Switch.

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