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The Blackangel

Murder In Mexico - republiKKKlans declare war

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Wow, that's insane. I haven't heard any of this. And to see Traitor Greene's tweet calling for U.S. military intervention into Mexico and eliminate cartels. WTF. She is the same traitor who doesn't want any aid going to Ukraine. And republicans are calling for blocking all aid to other countries. And they claim they don't want conflict. And they claim democrats are at fault for a WW3 while these psychos are calling for war into Mexican territory. That same traitor Greene just called for a secession on President's Day a couple weeks ago. That same traitor is going to visit Jan 6 insurrections, terrorists, and traitors in jail to provide them comfort. And the House oversight committee republicans are now going to investigate the treatment of those Jan 6 traitors in jail, using the law to provide comfort to seditionists. All the while Fox News is now trying to call those people in jail are political prisoners and should be released.

I'm getting off track, but Greene, this same problem child who wants war against Mexico does not want to send weapons into Ukraine to protect those people from an invasion that has caused genocide, terrorism, torture, and the kidnapping of their children. She seems to think that sending aid to Ukraine justifies her idea of Americans putting boots on the ground in Mexico. That is not the same thing. This is all part of fascist totalitarianism. That's what they do. Invade their neighbors. Then the world. They are parasites of the world. This republican nazi party is no different from the cartels or from Putin or from Hitler. The nazis are here in the USA and they have the House and the Supreme Court. Biden will no doubt veto their bill, but the point of the matter is still there. Under a republican president, we would be going to war with Mexico right now because it is FACT that Senate republicans are voting for a bill to invade Mexico. 

Senator Lindsey Graham said this, “I would put Mexico on notice,” Graham said. “If you continue to give safe haven to drug dealers, then you are an enemy of the United States.” Graham added he would “introduce legislation to make certain Mexican drug cartels foreign terrorist organizations under U.S. law and set the stage to use military force if necessary.”


So there it is. They want to turn Mexico into Afghanistan. We just brought troops home from that 20 year war on terrorism and republicans want to start another in Mexico. All you mother fuckers who defended Putin for invading Ukraine and you mother fuckers talking shit about America and trying to make some relevance how America is bad and has invaded other countries to fight terrorism. All you right wing mother fuckers who dissed America and supported Putin, now what do you have to say while it is the fucking republicans right here and now writing a bill to invade Mexico. Don't you look stupid now you nazi trash. Your game is up. We see you for what you are. It is you who wants war with other countries. It is you!!! 

And the video made a good point how the USA sells guns that is smuggled into Mexico that arms those cartels. Does that mean Mexico should invade the USA for our gun terrorism? Stupid republicans. 

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They aren't considering the fact that if we were to actually invade Mexico, everyone would turn against us and assist Mexico. All of our allies would aid Mexico in some way. Using their own military against us, or sending aid to Mexico in some fashion. Us invading Mexico would be no different than Germany invading Poland. An unjust invasion draws enemies from all over. Canada would probably be one of the first to take us on. So both our borders are fighting us. We would be done for. Pure and simple.

But we can't forget our European allies. They wouldn't be standing by us for our nazi reasoning to attack Mexico.

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Hate to bring this up, but republicans are now talking about sending in the military in Mexico again. At the republican presidential debates the candidates even talked about how they want to send our military into Mexico to fight cartels. DeSantis said on day one if he were president he would send troops into Mexico. Everyone all probably thought this topic was a joke and liberals are blowing things out of proportion bla bla bla. Well here it is!!! On national stage for all to see, republican presidential candidates want a war in Mexico. And democrats just ended the war in Afghanistan. They don't realize and don't care that a war in Mexico will be another Afghanistan. And when we create havoc in a neighbor country like that, guess what happens. We will turn many Mexicans into terrorists against us, right on our border. Now that I think of it, they probably want to turn people into terrorists. It's a war that won't end.

Republicans don't care about drugs and cartels. The republican controlled supreme court just recently decided on a case that no longer allows Americans to sue doctors who overprescribe narcotics leading to addictions. Really? I thought you cared about addictions and fighting against narcotics. Obviously not. There is a huge opioid addiction problem in this country that stems from prescriptions and doctors. But let's send troops into Mexico to fight cartels. They aren't getting lobbying money from cartels, but they do from the pharmaceutical industry, that's why. Almost like destroying the cartels will get rid of the drug competition, so people get off the street drugs and get hooked on the prescriptions where you know who is taking it and where the money gets distributed. You have a bunch of far right illegal gun smugglers in this country, so why don't they go after them? We have the most mass shootings in the world. Gun deaths are the leading cause of death for young Americans. But let's just let everyone get whatever high caliber gun, open carry, and free to get whatever booze they want and have at it! The American way! 

The republican talk of war in Mexico is probably another distraction from all their treason and no policy except culture wars. I mean, they have nothing to talk about except woke, guns, anti abortions, and election lies. And now they want to distract with a war in Mexico after they keep wanting to block aid to Ukraine, which is a more serious threat from Putin to our allies, Europe, USA, and world democracies. Then republicans complain about debt and inflation. Even republican Niki Haley said that republicans are also to blame for the countries debt and that Trump ran up the national debt $8 trillion dollars in 4 years. Biden in his 3 years has added just over $3 trillion. Republicans don't care about debt, cmon---$8 trillion in 4 years from Trump? And war in Mexico will cost us more. How can they complain about the economy when they are the ones who contribute the most to debt, only want to protect the rich, and want to invade Mexico? The republican party is a sham. 

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