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What would you have for a heraldic coat of arms?

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Just as I've put on the label: What would you have for a heraldic coat of arms?

I'm going to say here and now I don't think we should restrict this to historical accuracy or rely on real life things to tie us down. If you would like to use mirror and transparent for your colors and put an ear of corn on it by all means...

I think I'd pick Green and Gold for my colors, with a large triangle pointing down and have a Griffon on it. I would like (in my terrible Latin) to have "Hoc difficile conaris intelligere. Sed iam non est in manibus tuis." as a motto. It sort of translated to "you're trying hard to understand. It's no longer in your hands." which is actually just one of my favorite song lyrics (Freezepop, "Lessons in the Dark" from Secret Companion, 1 Jan 2010.) which I know is so inspired. I feel like an edgy teenager.

Anyway, what would you have on yours? Does this feel like silly busywork for kindergarten kids? Does that mean it can't still be fun? Discuss.

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Assuming I can't have things from my actual coat of arms? My colors would be blue and white. There would be a rat standing on his hind legs above a triangle within a triangle (think the triforce from Zelda). There would also be a dog head staring inwards on both sides. And above it all would be a severed arm holding a sword. I got that from my actual coat of arms. I had to include something!

Here's a pic of my actual coat of arms. I blocked out my last name for safety and privacy reasons:




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