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How is the Infamous series?

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This series caught my eye the other day and from what I gather it seems to be a respected series. But, it also looks like it has gotten its last game in 2014, almost a decade ago. Should I just jump into Second Son, or does the ps3 collection still hold up well? Is the storyline connected? What's your thoughts? 

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On 7/29/2023 at 2:45 PM, Shagger said:

 It's been a long time since I played these games, but I feel you can just jump right into Second Son and be fine.

I decided to play the whole series from the start. I just started playing the first one on ps3 and it’s pretty good so far. I’ve got a good feeling about this series. That’s too bad there won’t be a remake because this would be a top hit game if it was. It’s a hidden gem for sure. 

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Has anyone played with the bad karma abilities? Which way do you like playing more, the good karma or bad karma? I'm making my play through a good karma on the first game. Looks like it's too much trouble to switch karmas in the same game. 

BTW, I noticed Sucker Punch made Infamous, same developer who made Ghost of Tsushima!


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I just finished Infamous 1 and this game is one of my favorites now. It’s beyond its time 2 generations ago. They won’t remaster or do a thing with it. But they don’t even need to. I played it on a ps3 and it holds up big time to todays standards and for the foreseeable future. I was greatly immersed in the chaos and graphics. The graphics they used does not date in the gaming world. It doesn’t age. It never will. This is the kind of game that becomes Legend. It is Legend.

It has story, visuals, ethics, and amazing abilities. Infamous did a better job at climbing than Assassins Creed. Take note AC. 

Infamous is above and beyond standards. The abilities are fun to use. You can zip across power lines in the city, from skyscraper to skyscraper. you can hop on the rails and tour the broken city by rail and sight see all the chaos. 

The map is very easy to maneuver around. The best I’ve experienced. I can go on and on how bad ass the game is. 

I just started Infamous 2 and this blew my mind. I knew I was in for a treat. This is the first sequel where I develop my powers early right off the bat from the prequel. This is flowing so well with me. 

Infamous is a Legendary game. It’s a must to play. It went above and beyond time. Infamous will last forever. It’s Legendary gaming. Non stop play. Perfect map size, amazing abilities, an open world of legend. It’s bad ass. 



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