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iPhone to have Xbox Markeplace app? Will you use it? Android app to follow.

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I heard that Microsoft is working on a marketplace app to be put up on the App Store. Right now the focus is on the Apple App Store, but they have plans to get it put on the Good Play Store as well. As you know Microsoft has been purchasing up a lot of studios, I believe they got a bunch of mobile games with their purchase of Activision/Blizzard. Forgetting what the digital company was before they bought it. I want to say King, but am not 100% sure. 

The main reason Apple and Google have to open up their systems like this, is due to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) legislation, which now requires them to open up their store for competitors. 

Would you even use the Xbox app on the iPhone or on an Android phone? I don't even know what mobile games Xbox has ownership over, but if they own King they must have a ton of games they can release at any given time. Read more about this news below. 


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Not sure what games they would have ownership over either myself but I would install the app to take a look but would only keep it if I were to use the games that are available through the app.

I do like how everyone is being included not matter what device they are on now. 

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