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The Blackangel

Adolf Admits He'll Be A Dictator But Only For One Day

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Let's take a look at the broader picture here that proves Trump will in fact be a dictator. Everyone knows it now, there is no ifs ands or buts about it. Alright::: Trump has 91 felony counts in 4 different states. His charges are everything from trying to overturn an election, to stealing classified documents and obstructing the investigation, to paying hush money to a porn star with campaign money. Trump Organization has been found guilty of tax fraud and is now a fraudulent business. Trump is also now a sex offender. We have seen how Trump was as president where he was impeached for blackmailing Ukraine to look for dirt on Biden and impeached again for inciting an insurrection on Jan 6 2021. Trump is facing prison if found guilty. He knows he must run for president to stay out of prison, and he can never leave office so he can stay out of prison. 

Let's look at some other facts here. 10 fake electors in Wisconsin who conspired with Trump's coup attempt have now admitted to the courts that they indeed try to overthrow the election and they knew President Biden officially won the election. There are 4 co-conspirators in Georgia's criminal racketeering case against Trump and conspirators who now have plead guilty to their charges trying to overthrow the election, including their fake elector scheme and breaking into voting machines to steal data. They are pleading GUILTY!!! And have promised to testify against Trump. Many members of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers have been found guilty of seditious conspiracy for their roles on Jan 6 and some of them even plead guilty themselves. 

Now, does any of that look like Trump is a peachy innocent man who won't be a dictator? He attempted a coup d'etat to stay in power, to disenfranchise over 80 million voters, to reject our democratic process, to reject our constitutional right of free and fair elections. 

Now let's take a look at some of the things Trump has said and done since he has been out of office and these things are this past year alone, showing he is mentally unstable and signs of a desperate authoritarian criminal. Trump has said that on day 1 if he wins, he will enact the Insurrection Act, declaring martial law and bring the military to civilian streets to eradicate protestors. He also just said on Day 1 he will be a dictator. Now, there are many things he can do on day 1 as a dictator, like declare martial law, enact Schedule F and Project 2025, which is the republican plan to extend presidential powers like this country has never seen and fire tens of thousands of federal employees to be replaced with MAGA loyalist cronies. I'll get back to Project 2025. But first I'll finish with the things Trump has said. He will be dictator day 1, bring the military to civilian streets on day 1. That is the second time he said he will bring the military to the streets. He said he wants to bring the military to city streets to get rid of crime. He has attacked our top general by saying our general is a traitor and should be executed. Trump said that he will imprison the media for treason. He said that if he is losing in an election, he will criminally charge his political opponent running against him. And Trump is now quoting Hitler calling his opponents 'vermin.' Trump has continued to incite violence against his prosecutors, judges, and witnesses. He has incited violence against the FBI, calls his opponents vermin and communists. He runs a presidential campaign on retribution against his opponents, wants to jail his opponents, and has said he will take a look at pardoning insurrectionists like those from the capital attack and even the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers guilty of seditious conspiracy. That is providing comfort and aiding insurrectionists which is a violation against the 14th amendment which if enforced would block anyone aiding, abetting, or providing comfort to insurrectionists, from holding office. 

Let's recap

  • Declare martial law on day 1
  • Be a dictator on day 1
  • Execute our top general
  • Imprison the media for treason
  • Indict and jail political opponents
  • Quotes Hitler
  • Campaigns on retribution
  • Incites violence against prosecutors and judges and government agencies
  • Wants to pardon insurrectionists and seditious conspirators

So based on this and whatever else you can add to it that I left out, like all his lies, weaponizing Covid to kill Americans, intentionally delaying aid to blue states when in need of natural disaster aid, etc. This guy had a mother fucking coup attempt and his conspirators are pleading guilty. What other proof do you need? Trump wants to be a dictator and his MAGA base are neo nazis who want to punish Americans, nothing short of a genocide. That is who they are.

Republicans have a plan called Project 2025 they have all written up if Trump gets the White House. That Project was formed by republicans groups like the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation. What is scary is that even our far right corrupt supreme court justices are involved in those two organizations. Project 2025 will get rid of checks and balances in our government and extend presidential powers. The Project also includes something called Schedule F which if enacted will allow republicans to fire as many federal employees they possibly can and replace them with their MAGA loyalists who will do whatever Trump wants them to do. We are talking about replacing our entire federal government, at least 50,000 employees if not hundreds of thousands will lose their jobs in the federal government. Now, is that something dictator Trump will do on day 1? Oh you betcha, then declare martial law and force the military on American citizens, send the media to prison, jail opponents, and pardon a bunch of violent traitor terrorists. He could even declare a civil war. 

As Trump gets closer to his trial dates in 2024, we will get to see him lose his fucking mind even more and become extremely desperate. No telling what things he will add to this list. 2024 is going to be the year of reckoning in the USA. The most important year of the history of America since the civil war, since the revolutionary war. We are at a crossroads between democracy and a neo nazi regime. 


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You can't forget that IF Adolf gets back in the White House, he will never leave. The 22nd amendment will be a distant memory, and the constitution will be the first bit of toilet paper he uses to wipe his fat ass as soon as he takes a shit. All while flushing more documents down the toilet as well. We will be under a full fledged dictatorship no different than Iraq and North Korea. When he FINALLY dies, it will most likely be Don Jr who assumes power. I don't think it would be Eric or Ivanka. It damn sure wouldn't be Tiffany. We will be under a fascist regime run by full fledged Nazis. They would make Hitler proud. Anyone who is not a straight, cisgender, white, xtian, republiKKKLanazi will be sent to camps to be executed, no different than 1940's Germany. I'm definitely dead because I'm not straight nor am I xtian. I'm a Satanic lesbian.

This is why I've been talking to Canada seeking asylum.

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