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Rockstar trying to sue Remedy Games for their new logo

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Rockstar is claiming that a new Remedy Games logo is too close to their Rockstar "R" logo and have decided to enter a trademark dispute in the UK in regards to it. From what I am seeing, I highly doubt there would be any confusion between the two logos. I don't think Rockstar has a leg to stand on here. Sure it's an R logo, but I think it's different enough. Plus, it also states "Remedy" under the R, so I doubt it would be hard to confuse the two. What do you guys think? Does Rockstar have a case here? 

You can read the full story about this news here - https://www.eurogamer.net/take-two-and-remedy-in-trademark-dispute-over-r-logo


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Rockstar, is out of their fucking minds. They have no case, as the two logos are in no way similar. Just because the company uses the same letter, which is the first letter of the name their company as their logo, does not mean that someone else with the same first letter can sue them.

Rockstar is going to get laughed out of the courtroom like the greedy bastards they are.

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