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Rocksteady pulling Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League from early access after players’ games ‘auto completed’

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Well, if you were worried about the quality of the new Suicide Squad Game, then you may be even more worried after this bit of news. I guess Rocksteady had to outright pull the game from early access due to some gamers encountering a bug that results in full story completion right out of the gate. It doesn't help that this is already becoming another live service game, and fans weren't too pleased about that. And now bugs like this make me wonder if the game is full of other bugs. Do you think they are releasing the game too soon? 


It keeps getting better and better. It's also mentioned that the game will have Denuvo DRM, as it was quietly added in before the early access release it seems.  


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I tried it for a day and honestly, it feels like I'd have had a more productive day watching paint dry. You know what bother me about some gaming Youtubers? They hype up any game even if it's crap just because it has a lot of media attention.

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