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Want to play Doom on gut bacteria? Well someone made it possible, kinda

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They said you can play Doom on just about everything, and maybe that's true. As an MIT biotech researcher figured out a way to use gut bacteria or E.coli to make a screen that can play Doom. The problem though, lies in how slow it takes. The bacteria doesn't actually run the game, but creates a screen for the game to play on. You may not have much luck with the game though, as the frame rate takes forever, resulting in the bacteria 70 minutes to illuminate one frame, but takes an additional eight hours to return to its original state. So around 9 hours per frame. 

It's also only a 32x48 1-bit display, so a tiny little thing. But it's still pretty cool that someone was able to use science in this way. You can read more on this news here - https://www.engadget.com/heres-a-video-of-doom-running-on-gut-bacteria-proving-you-really-can-play-the-game-on-anything-184629896.html and you can see a video of the Doom in action on gut bacteria. Though in order to complete the full game on gut bacteria, could end up taking you 600 years, so good luck. :D


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I wouldn't be entirely surprised if this was possible. They've put DOOM on pregnancy test kits a few years back so this isn't that surprising to me. I don't believe they will stop until Doom can be played on thin air.

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