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Netflix Games producing games on "Squid Game,” “Virgin River” and “Rebel Moon”.

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Netflix has slowly been jumping into the video game industry. They already have 88 games on their platform for their subscribers to play at no additional cost. And it's being said that they are working on video games based on their hit programs, like Squid Game, Virgin River and Rebel Moon. I've seen Squid Game, and heard of Rebel Moon, but have not heard of Virgin River. Not only that, but Netflix will be adding more third party games to their platform, like Braid Anniversary Edition, Hades, Katana Zero, Sonic Mania Plus, and more. 

You can read more about these games here: https://variety.com/2024/gaming/news/netflix-video-games-upcoming-squid-game-1235893239/

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I'd have to see the quality of those games before I ever get excited for games like this. I mean, most TV series/shows tend to flop as videogames as the company making it doesn't full understand the concept of said TV series.

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