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95% of studios are said to be working on live service games or intend to

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Source - https://www.gamesindustry.biz/report-95-of-studios-are-working-on-or-aim-to-release-a-live-service-game

Not good news if true. It's being reported that 95% of video game studios are working on live service games with others showing interest in it. Live service is a genre I am iffy about. I don't mind Fortnite, but I don't want every new game to be a live service game. I already have a sour taste in my moth from the recent Suicide Squad game, and I haven't even played it yet. 

What do you think about live service games coming out more often? Are you worried it's going to hurt gaming? 

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I completely agree, I think live-only or live-centric games are good for certain things, but not every single game.  Games need a lifespan beyond their servers, I still go back and play a lot of old games that don't have life services anymore, and they're still perfect, playable, fantastic games.  No game should be limited to a lifespan just because the servers are switched off.

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