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Jason Kelce wants to bring back Backyard Sports games

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Remember those sports games, like Backyard Football, Backyard Baseball, Basketball, etc. Well it looks like retired NFL player Jason Kelce is interested in reviving the franchise for a new generation. I don't know if anyone here was a fan of those games. I think I only played the Football game, but never really got into it. But, it was a series more directed towards children. And hey, I'm all for them bringing it back if it turns out to be good.

Would you be into a revival of this game? 

Read more about this news here - https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/offbeat/jason-kelce-admits-plan-to-revive-nostalgic-video-game-franchise/ar-BB1hGBf3

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Of course I do! I used to play them on the demo CDs I got and I used to have Backyard Football and basketball. Those were the days...Now gaming is just littered with recycled crap like what 2K puts out EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

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