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Ever been harassed by someone you played online games against?

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I think we've all dealt with bad people while gaming. Whether it be a person you killed in a game, or just an annoying jerk who is saying offensive things in chat that you're against. 

Have you ever dealt with gamers who wouldn't leave you alone to the point it becomes harassment? I've had my share of spats in online games, but none of them have ever resulted in prolonged harassment, but I know it happens all over the web, not just in gaming. 

If you've ever deal with someone who continues to bully and harrass you, what do you do? What I usually do is block, mute and if they were really awful, report them and move on. But I was lucky and never did deal with prolonged harassment from those I had issues with. Like them creating new accounts to keep attacking you, or finding you through social media. Etc.

Have you dealt with anything like this? 

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