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Updates on Xbox Business - Most exclusives staying on Xbox, A new console and other hardware coming?

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Things have been cleared up a bit thanks to the Xbox podcast that just dropped. I know there was a lot of worry about Xbox skipping out on hardware and putting their content on other platforms. And while it is somewhat true, Phil Spencer announced there will only be four games coming to other consoles, and it sounds like they're currently being worked on, so nothing that recently came out. Phil was asked about if that includes Starfield and the upcoming Indiana Jones game, but those will be staying exclusive to the Xbox brand. 

My guess is that they will allow the next Call of Duty, maybe Elder Scrolls. But what could the other two games be? Phil Spencer said two of them will be smaller and more community driven games, so maybe something multiplatform, has cross play. Game pass is staying on Xbox as well, not moving to other platforms. 

They also briefly discuss hardware and the future. They mention they have plans to reveal some hardware news the next holiday season, and even mention next gen hardware is in the works. 

You can watch the full podcast below. The news isn't as bad as I was expecting. Were you worried they were going to stop making consoles? 


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I'm still confused by this whole fiasco because these rumors had not come from reliable source. It was all hearsay and if you think about it, why would Xbox shelve their consoles? They make a lot of money selling them and from things like the Xbox subscription.

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