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Have you paid $70 towards a new game yet?

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I have not purchased a game going for $70 yet. I usually just wait for a game to lower in price, or just play what I get through gamepass. I find it far more appealing paying a $15-16 or so to play many games versus spending a $70 pricetag on something like Skull and Bones. If I try that game, it'll be through Gamepass if it's ever added. Which I think will probably be soon with how underhyped and how poorly rated it turned out to be. 

Also Suicide Squad was released for $70, and no way am I paying that amount for what is essentially a live service game that has already lost most players interest. 

We know games like GTA VI, anything from FromSoftware, and other big time triple A franchises will easily sell for the $70 release price. But you are usually going to get good out of that price tag. So far most $70 games aren't worth the price, at least for me. 

This article here - https://exputer.com/exputer/palworld-helldivers-2-prove-70-dollar-games/ discusses how cheaper priced games are more popular as of late, like Palworld and Helldivers 2. 

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