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Days Gone Studio's New IP Is a Live-Service Game

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Bend Studio, the team behind the under-rated hit Days Gone, will be joining the live service game world with their upcoming game. It's been known for a while now that Bend Studio was working on a new IP, but it sounds like that new game could very well be another live service game. What that game is, is not yet known. It was recently revealed that Bend Studio was looking to hire a lead project manager for a yet to be detailed live service game. So far this is all that is know, but with the rate of failure for live service games as of late, I am not expecting this to be a massive hit, whatever it may be. 

Source - https://gamerant.com/bend-studio-sony-playstation-live-service-game/

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On 4/29/2024 at 4:39 AM, Knight Plug said:

But my Days Gone 2. WHY!? 🤧

Yeah, the first game was ace. I don't care what the haters posted about it. 🤑

I also liked the first game. I mean, it had its flaws but I did like it a lot - what is with these live-service games? Most of them fail anyways and the market is saturated. Why not focus on Days Gone 2?

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Yeah. The game was like The Last of Us on wheels.

I loved playing it in the spring of 2019. It doesn't take too long to warm up and the enemy A.I. is impressive. I also loved the story. It was exciting when the camps got attacked and you were in the middle of the conflict between this crazy general and your people, saving the day. I also liked how those red oil cans could also be used as a weapon. You just shoot it, and if a few enemies are near the flames, bring the marshmallows.

But Sony just wants to act like it wasn't a success. Yet people always support Capcom and their undercooked Resident Evil, RE Engine games. 

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