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How do you cope with the loss of a pet?

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Unfortunately this morning my cat Gizmo passed away. He lived a long life and was 16 years old, he was a Maine coon mix so he lived longer than expected. It's been odd not having him around the house, and my kitten Mochi can tell that something is up. Anyways what do you like to do whenever you lose a pet? I've been just doing what I normally do, listen to music, posting on forums, and I plan on playing video games later this evening. It still feels weird to me though, and I have moments where I start tearing up.

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It's okay to be sad about the passing of your pet and you'll feel like this for quite some time. I'd recommend that you allow yourself to grieve. Also, think of the good memories the two of you shared while your pet was alive and what lessons you learned from having them in your life. I also lost one of my dogs earlier this year from a rare disease. You just have to accept that pets live for way less years than you do so it's something you'll eventually have to deal with. We'll all die someday - some sooner than others.

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