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Thread editing feature.

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Posted (edited)

Even though I double check my threads well before posting, I sometimes discover after posting that I have made some mistakes. But there is no way to make corrections due to the absence of the editing feature. 

Recently I posted some news updates, but it occurred to me that I should have added the reference links. Now I’m torn between leaving the threads that way or adding the links as comments. 

May I request the edit feature be added on threads please? 

Edit: So I discovered this one can be edited immediately I posted it. That means there is a time constraint. I hope it can be extended. Thanks. 

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Posted (edited)

Yes, members can edit thier own posts on VGR, but only within 10 minutes of posting them.  This has been a long standing policy and it is there for security and to maintain post consistency.  Being able to infinitely edit posts does open up the chance for people to abuse the system to retroactively add bad links and spam as well as "alter" arguments they have made when debating with others and unfairly affect the integrity of others posts.  The 10 minute limit has been discussed before and we're certainly open to the idea of extending it if a compelling argument can be made.  


Even if you're already past that 10 minute window, if you report your post to the mod team and explain why you want you post edited, we would consider that request so long as there is a good reason.

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