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  1. Gone are the days we have the time to play as we like. As we grow older we have more responsibilities, so we can’t afford to spend hours on a daily basis anymore. But we still make out time for it, regardless.
  2. Yeah if you had it and don’t anymore that feeling would have been different. Are you sure work would be the way to go? You need something fun, that can relax you when you are not working.
  3. My aim is nothing to write home about. That is why I prefer guns that have the target mark on them. Makes it very easy for me, especially to do headshot.
  4. When I first saw harrypotter game I was like, what? I concluded that it will be the most boring game ever, because I didn’t know how swinging wands and murmuring Avada Kedavra could keep anyone interested. I played to prove my point, though it was not as bad as I thought. But it was not exactly great either.
  5. You got that feeling too? Before my dad bought the PS 2 I used to play at at the game house with money. The excitement I had when we eventually had it in our house was heavenly.
  6. When there was no modern technology, that was what they made use of in the olden days. I’m sure it did the job too, but thankfully we have more effective ways now. I surely don’t think I will have the patience for a bird to relay a message. 😅
  7. Yes, and there are players that you have not seen too and probably won’t see. When I play online I chat with them and we banter ourselves. I also have those that I play multiplayer with physically. It makes me associate with those that have the same interest as me.
  8. Tough levels don’t frustrate me, before it gets to that I would have quit. It is usually hardware problems and glitches that frustrate me. If it is the game that is hard, I just consider it a challenge that I should overcome and put more effort.
  9. Difficulty makes the game much more worth it, so I don’t quit when it happens. I can take a break from the game and engage in other activities. By the time I’m back to it I’m with a fresher perspective. But if it is proving too hard, then I’ll pass.
  10. Game chats can make the game much more interesting, provided it is not abused. Imagine the banter chats that you could be having. But once I discover that the other person is causing nuisance with it, I disable it.
  11. There is nothing to report. Humans try to find the easier way out of a lot of challenges, not only gaming. Bypasses will definitely exist, no matter how much it is frowned at.
  12. Silent hill. Though I have never played it, but I witnessed friends do. Scary games are not my thing, the last thing I want is a game I’m playing giving me chills.
  13. I do know that I am not a seasoned gamer. When the gurus start talking about gaming, I feel like I don’t know much. So I can say I am intermediate, not a pro gamer but not a novice too.
  14. Actually many games these days have become more mainstream and less challenging. But on the brighter side, it also means that more people can enjoy gaming.
  15. This has been a really controversial topic. It cannot be denied that a lot of jobs have been lost to machines. But many still argue that AI cannot replace humans where it matters the most. The other day I saw a signboard in a construction site that says: “Hey chatgpt, can you complete this building?” It was used to buttress the fact that many skills can still not be replaced by machines.
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