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Website Hosting & Competition

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So as most of you know that there are alot of hosting companies out there claiming to be the best and have all the qualities that other providers don't have.

Bluehost, KCHosting  and among many others including the ones that are underrated with good prices and discounts with there claims of having 99.9% uptime and server backups though most of them are pricey if your looking to own a website and/or host I can't really recommend anything because I've never used any but if I had a choice it would be bluehost only because they been in business for a long time, though that's not really a reason to choose a web host I guess it is for me.

Which host do you prefer and why?

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I don't like going with new "companies" or companies that just resell hosting. I need them to have their own servers and be reputable. SiteGround was my very first host. Complete and total crap. But I love GoDaddy. I loved them as a domain registrar so I figured what the heck. I was not disappointed. 

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