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  1. Well, it's been long time since i play any game in mobile, but when i played Clash of Clans I remember i've spent like €80-€100 (not all at once)
  2. o-o

    Diablo Inmortal

    Game is not yet out, right? This was only a closed BETA?
  3. Are we also talking about in-game goods such as skins, etc? Or only game/dlc purchases?
  4. Nope I don't. I'm really focused when playing so I'm sitting the whole time
  5. One of the best games of the GTA saga without any doubt. I've got plenty of good memories!
  6. Well, actually Clash Royale has a competitive scene, as well as PUBG mobile. So it's not weird to find a game nowadays 🙂
  7. Exactly! Never give up, even if you pass through rough times.
  8. Yeah, and yet he *doesn't really know why* he was banned. It's hilarious coming from a multi-millonaire company to treat like that to their "audience" He usually plays COD, and his content is amazing in my opinon
  9. o-o

    Last Game Played

    Today I've had a Rust marathon. I've spent tons of hours today!
  10. Nowadays almost 100% of the games deploys updates and patches to improve the game or fix bugs 🙂
  11. Well, I'm certainly young now, so I don't have that feeling yet. However, skills always go down after you're around 35 years old. It's kind of a reflex thing - of course, I'm talking about pro scene, or at least competitive one, and especially on FPS games.
  12. Closest game i've played that felt some scary was "Hello Neighbor". And it's not really a scary game, but well 😄
  13. I think it was Rust, costing €33 if I'm not wrong. of course in computer -- and I'm not talking about in-game skins or purchases, as it'll probably be way more than you think 😄
  14. I kind of remember a lot years back (10+?) my brother played some X-files game, but I don't really remember the game; also, as for nowadays games, I don't really think there's any 2021 X-files game.
  15. Well, rage isn't as bad as people think (as long as you don't destroy things, haha). But if you get really frustrated, simply leave the game for few minutes, and then get back to it 😄
  16. Hmm, probably Rust. It really punishes you a lot when you're in-game, but it's a game I enjoy playing as well.
  17. Exactly, and also: something you spend your time with (hopefully, having fun haha)
  18. Don't really like the game; I prefer a lot more PUBG (even if I no longer play, because the devs simply ignored the community and didn't do the proper regular updates).
  19. I'm quite excited to play PoE again. Hope to have good shifts at work to be able to play as much as i can 😄
  20. Thanks for the info. Seems like they're doing this every year near Christmas. that's cool though
  21. Well, not at all. Closest thing to do "random challenges" for me its when CSGO releases a "pass campaign" where 'useless' missions need to be done in order to get points. Otherwise I don't really lose my time on doing such things.
  22. I don't really think that video games are meant to be depressing. Haven't found one in my entire life tbh.
  23. o-o

    Last Game Played

    Most recent game I've played now is CSGO! 🙂
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