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  1. Yes. I bought a NiP hoodie (CSGO TEAM), and I look forward to do it again the following year 🙂
  2. o-o


    I played fortnite, but I didn't really like it. As I was more of a PUBG player, I still stick with it.
  3. o-o

    Ask Alyxx

    What's your favourite social media?
  4. CSGO. I paid just $11 I think, and i'd have paid $50 if needed!
  5. I only played as amateur, do people play this competitively? 😮
  6. No doubt, it should be PC.
  7. Isn't it a bit early for PS5?
  8. I'd gear up, and go to my grandfather's town. Then wait for them!
  9. Yeah that's bad! I was following it in Netflix and saw the news this morning.
  10. Nope, never. The closest thing I did was doing worked reviews.
  11. I check the game, some gameplays and reviews from users. Then I try it on steam, and if I like it, I keep it. If not, I have 2 hours to charge it back-
  12. None. Probably CS:S because its the first game I bought when i started playing on computer. And that's because I bought it on 25th December 2008 😛
  13. Today I got a message on CSGO saying that a cheater was caught in a game I played. So quite close 😛
  14. Nintendo 64 rules guys 😛
  15. I usually eat chocolated instead of snacks 😛
  16. This is a hell of a game! Highly recommended. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Welcome to VGR Infected! 🙂 enjoy your estance!
  18. o-o

    Hi from Canada!

    Welcome to VGR Soda!
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