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  1. Friends, hands down. I like Everybody Loves Raymond but I can't binge it like I can binge Friends.
  2. I remember it. My ex-wife loved that game. It was boring to me but she loved it. You should give it a shot. The graphics are amazing. I just don't like it because I like games more like Call of Duty instead.
  3. These are some badass gaming chairs, will seriously consider a purchase. Does Anda Seat make Gaming Desks?
  4. Just bought some goodies from the PlayerAuctions link. Incredible prices for anyone who is interested. Worth a look, tbh.
  5. Just entered via Twitter. Thanks for the share and best of luck to all.
  6. People take gaming way to seriously. A Kentucky man punched his 1 month old son after losing a video game and has been charged with murder after his son died due to the blow. The 26 year old father lost his game, threw a controller across his room them proceeded to beat his infant son. After realizing what he had done, he tried to soothe the baby by making him a bottle. Sounds nice, right? But he dropped the baby along the way. Eventually, the baby was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. You can read the whole article here: https://www.newsweek.com/kentucky-man-punched-his-baby-after-losing-video-game-charged-murder-after-1-1417472 It's incredibly sad. Is the line between reality and make believe thinner when it comes to gamers? What do you think?
  7. The last game I played was Thief. I've never even heard of it before my girlfriend. She bought this piece of crap game from Game Stop the last time we went and made me play it as soon as we got home. I don't like it. The graphics are sick but the game itself is too slow for me. It's just not my type of game. I'm more of a fps gamer, Thief is for people who are more into mystery type of games.
  8. Yesss! I'm not a huge gamer so I play but I never really take the time to find the easter eggs and what not. Super Mario Bros. is one of my favourite games and I've completed it in its entirety multiple times. I've opened up new worlds, collected every coin, found every back door, etc. It's an amazing game if you just want to chill. It usually takes me about a week to completely pass the game. Love it.
  9. I think the only space related game I've played was Space Invaders. I LOVE the game a lot. It's simple and fun. I like the arcade feel it gives me even when I played it on a normal gaming console as opposed to an arcade game. But the best way to play Space Invaders is on an arcade machine, hands down. If you haven't played it yet, I highly recommend playing it. Just don't expect a lot of detail as far as the galaxy goes. It's VERY simple.
  10. I agree. To be more specific though, I think Call of Duty is going to finally take a back seat to all these newer, more popular games out there like Fortnite and Battlefield. Although I love Call of Duty, it's nice to get a challenge on these other games. I'll always be a fan of the game though. I also think that the Playstation will take a backseat to Xbox. I know it already started but there are still a ton of people using a Playstation. I think we're going to see a lot of people trading in their PS4's for an Xbox 1.
  11. Awesome! I'm glad I came across this thread. Minecraft is my girlfriend's favourite game and we have been waiting for the thing to come out for free. We have a lot of different versions of it but this may be her favourite. Beats the pocket version(mobile) and even the paid physical disc we got for the Playstation 3. They're good but I think she was more into the classic version than these newer versions. Anyway, thanks again!
  12. Nintendo is really trying to stay in the game and has gone the extra mile with their latest console release, the Nintendo Switch. I've compiled a few of the greatest deals I could find. If you're interested in getting a Nintendo Switch, you should definitely take advantage of one of the deals below! Nintendo Switch Console with NBA 2K19 from Walmart(in-store) or Walmart.com(online) for $298 Nintendo Switch Bundle with LEGO Incredibles from Walmart(in-store) or Walmart.com(online) for $299 Nintendo Switch with Two Bonus Switch Ematic Controllers from Walmart(in-store) or Walmart.com(online) for $299 - $315
  13. This month, Amazon's has some awesome deals for gamers who use the Playstation 4 platform. Check the deals out below! Here are your Playstation 4 deals: PlayStation VR - Borderlands 2 and Beat Saber Bundle - was $349.99, now $299.95 (save 14%!) DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Jet Black - was $59.99, now $46.96 (save 22%!) Marvel’s Spider-Man - PlayStation 4 - was $39.99, now $35.00 (save 12%!) Kingdom Hearts III - PlayStation 4 - was $59.99, now $39.99 (save 33%!) Red Dead Redemption 2 - PlayStation 4 - was $59.99, now $36.90 (save 36%!) Assassin's Creed Odyssey - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition - was $59.99, now $29.98 (save 50%!) Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition - was $59.99, now $29.99 (save 50%!) Mortal Kombat 11 - PlayStation 4 - $49.94 (original price not available) NBA 2K19 - PlayStation 4 - was $59.99, now $19.99 (save 67%!) Resident Evil 2 - PlayStation 4 - was $59.99, now $38.58 (save 36%!) Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - PlayStation 4 - was $59.99, now $49.94 (save 17%!) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - PlayStation 4 - $49.94 (original price not available) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition - PlayStation 4 - $59.88 (original price not available) I'm mostly interested in the VR bundle. How about you? I may have to get myself Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. I just need to figure out how to manage my time first. lol What deal looks best to you?
  14. Ah ok. Thanks for getting back to me.
  15. Are we allowed to use signatures here? I can't seem to find how to add one so I'm guessing it's not enabled. But is it disabled for everyone or does it unlock eventually?
  16. Green Man Gaming has a promotion going on for 5 games for $5. There are a lot of different titles to choose from, all of a different price range, and you can mix and match. Snatch them up now though because supplies are limited and there are already several games that are out of stock. Get your 5 games for $5 here: https://www.greenmangaming.com/mix-n-match/
  17. Fortnite is the number one searched for game on Google. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not surprised. Fortnite has been dominating the gaming world and every console out there, including mobile gaming. It only seems logical that it would be the number one searched game on Google. I was never able to get into Fortnite but I've watched some family members play it and it seems kind of fun, if that's what you're in to. Do you guys play Fortnite?
  18. In under 2 years, Nintendo sold nearly 9 million Switch consoles. Although more people have an Xbox or a PlayStation, the Switch outsold all other consoles in terms of pace. I personally do not have a Nintendo Switch and never found it appealing. Do you own one? What do you think of it? Knowing what you know now about the Switch, would you still go back and buy it?
  19. Wow! I didn't know it was around for that long. This is one of my all time favourite games. My dad gave this to me in the early nineties and it got me hooked to shooting games. I was addicted to DOOM though. I would go straight to my computer when I got home from school and played it till my parents yelled for me to do my homework. lol I'm going to GameStop soon so I can get it for PS3 or a newer PC version. I've only ever played it on PC so I'm good either way. Best game ever though.
  20. I have no plans to upgrade my current console. I don't find it to be a justifiable cost. Plus, why upgrade just for the sake of upgrading, especially if you're current console still functions properly? I'm the same way with my cell phones. I won't upgrade them until my current one breaks.
  21. Wow. What console do you play a game from 1999 on? lol I know that there are consoles like the PlayStation that will allow you to play games from earlier generations, but I would imagine the graphics are pretty horrible. I tried playing Jet Moto and Coolboarders, which are my PlayStation (1) games, on my PlayStation 3 but I couldn't play it for too long. The graphics were bearable but the game itself was boring. I didn't realize how advanced games have become, not until I played those games. I do play Spyro still though, which is also from my PlayStation (1) and PlayStation 2. The graphics are okay but it seems very pixelated.
  22. I'm glad I'm not alone here. I game but I'm not on that level. I guess when you do it professionally or as you get heavier into gaming, you'll finally upgrade your accessories like a controller. That's when I can see it actually being worth the money. A controller like the one above can definitely increase your gaming experience. But gaming is something that I personally do just for fun so I would never waste that amount of money on something like a controller.
  23. Jerlene

    First Xbox?

    I always got Xbox Live Gold for free from friends and...other sources. lol As for the amount of physical games that we had, I don't recall the exact amount or even a ballpark. We only really played different versions of Call of Duty. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was our main game but then Call of Duty: World At War came out and we were hooked to that. Then Zombies came out and we were hooked to that. lol But we would always end up going back to Modern Warfare. I loved the 360 but PlayStation was my personal console so I hated the Xbox controller.
  24. Same here. I was reading up on gaming news and this was an article that I came across. I almost just glanced over it because I didn't recognize the game, but I decided to post about it because the amount of money this no name is getting. lol I think there are so many gamers out there that deserve a platform and a bigger paycheck. It still boggles my mind though that people game competitively and get paid big bucks for it. I need to up my game. lol
  25. I never played it on PS4 but I would think that it wouldn't be bad if it's on such a big platform like that. I'll definitely be checking this out as well. I have some Google Play credits to get rid of and this will be the perfect thing to spend it on. I've always loved Tony Hawk and his games. Games like Jet Moto and Coolboarders have always been my favourite, so a skateboarding game would be a great addition to my collection.
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