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Fallout 76: Where To Find Lead

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It is very necessary to collect materials in Fallout 76. Because they are a particularly important part of the game. You'll need all kinds of materials to craft and upgrade about everything (including Fallout 76 weapons and armor) in this game. including Fallout 76 Lead. In Fallout 76, there's more than one way for you can get hold of Lead. including Fallout 76 Lead Deposits. Find out all the information about Lead in Fallout 76 below.

  The importance of the Fallout 76 Lead Deposits

  Lead is a very important material as we stated in the first paragraph and you can get it in Fallout 76. You'll need it to create a whole bunch of different things in the game. But, most important, to craft ammo, the Lead is a must-have. Trust us, you'll be crafting a lot of ammo in Fallout 76 to help you strengthen your combat effectiveness and level up faster. So to get your hands on plenty of Lead is necessary. Thankfully, there have various ways to get hold of Lead in Fallout 76, Lead Deposits, of course, included.

  Where to Find Fallout 76 Lead Deposits

  Definition: Lead Deposits are deposits of lead. And you can find it scattered throughout the map of Fallout 76 at Public Workshops. You can mine in order to receive a healthy amount of precious ore. Luckily, in Fallout 76, there are some locations in which you can find Lead Deposits. There's too much Lead to mine. So there's no need to scramble for this with others.

  The full list of known Lead Deposit locations in Fallout 76 is as follows (In alphabetical order):

  ·Berkeley Springs West

  ·Converted Munitions Factory

  ·Grafton Steel Yard

  ·Lakeside Cabins

  ·Poseidon Energy

  However, the Lead Deposits are not the only way to get Lead in Fallout 76. There are plenty of items that will give you Lead when you scrap them.

  Question from the above paragraph. Which Items Give Lead When Scrapped?

  As stated above, there are massive items that will award you with Lead when you scrap them.

  Just like we said earlier, there are massive items that will award you with Lead when you scrap them. You'll find these items scattered on the Fallout 76 map. But what we recommend you the most is to take a look at every gym you encounter. Once you find the dumbells and weights inside the gym they will give you plenty of Lead. We also recommend you to switch on your “Tag for Search” feature on Lead because any items containing the resource will be identified by a magnifying glass icon.

  You'll also get some Lead by defeating and scavenging robots, so why do not give it a try? If not, please keep on searching, or reload the game into a different server.

  You'll see the known list of items that award you with Lead when you scrap them in Fallout 76, with how much Lead you will get to boot. (In numerical and alphabetical order)

  ·5lb Weights: 2 Lead

  ·160lb Barbells: 20 Lead

  ·Ammo Casing: .44, .50, 25mm, 0mm / 1 Lead

  ·Baby Rattle: 1 Lead

  ·Barbells: 80lb Barbell and 80lb Curlbar / 10 Lead

  ·Cans: 1 Lead

  ·Combination Wrench: 2 Lead

  ·Energy Cell: 1 Lead

  ·Ignition Core: 7 Lead

  ·Makeshift Battery: 2 Lead

  ·Paint Cans: 7 Lead

  ·Pencils: 1 Lead

  ·Rat Poison: 7 Lead

  ·Weights: 10lb, 25lb, 20lb Dumbbell, 40lb Dumbbell / 7 Lead

  Please keep an eye on any of the above items will let you with enough Lead to keep an entire army supplied with ammunition. Except for Lead Deposits and item scrapping. There also have another way to get hold of the valuable resource. Want to know? Please follow us.

  Lead Ore in Fallout 76

  The final and the third way for you to get hold of Lead in Fallout 76 is through Lead ore. It is totally a pure ore of Lead that you can smelt at the chemistry stations. And if you have a plan to smelt down two lots of Lead ore, you'll need some Acid. For every two lots of Lead ore and one lot of Acid, once finished smelting, you'll receive five lots of Lead Scrap. Unfortunately, we could not find too many Lead ore locations when we're editing this article. But you can find Lead Ore at the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters.

  You may find Lead ore in Fallout 76 in two locations within the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters:

  ·On the executive floor, you'll find three lots of Lead ore

  ·In the basement, you can find two more lots of Lead ore

  If you can not find Lead ore within the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters, please try to reload into a new server and take a look. If that still does not work, please try to look for the Lead Deposits and items containing Scrap Lead as listed above. You can always get some, now cannot you?

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