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Here is a thread for discussing Amiibos. What ones do you have? Which ones do you want? Which ones are you excited for? 

I've got a heap on my shelf, about 40 of them ranging from Smash, Mario, Splatoon and Yoshi Woolly World collections. I don't care about getting them all, I just want characters that I like. 

The upcoming Smash Wolf Amiibo looks really cool but that's the only upcoming one that I'm excited for. 

How about you? 

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Oh boy, this topic is for me, haha.

I have 135 amiibo right now. Everything in the Smash, Mario, Animal Crossing, Kirby, and Zelda series, plus: Metroid 2-pack, Mega Yarn Yoshi, Pikmin, original Splatoon 3-pack, Chibi-Robo, Shovel Knight, and the 4 Skylanders Superchargers hybrid amiibo. Oh, and the Super Mario Cereal!

I also have the Shovel Knight 3-pack and Ridley, Inkling, and Wolf pre-ordered.

I'm just excited to add to my Smash collection, it took a LOT of work to get all of those. I can't wait to get returning Smash characters like Snake.

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I'm keen for Pichu trolling to come back. 😛

The cereal never came to Australia as far as I'm aware. 😕 Always getting bloody shafted. 

Did you get Detective Pikachu? I wanted it but it was out of stock and too pricy. 

I also wanted the Mega Yarn Yoshi but it was like $50 and I couldn't justify dropping that when I bought the three little ones. 

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I don't have Detective Pikachu, I'm not really a Pokemon fan so he wasn't a big deal to me. I might get him if I can catch him on a sale though.

I actually lucked out with my Mega Yarn Yoshi. I originally had no intention of getting him ($40 in the States, which is the full price of like 3 regular Amiibo, plus functionally he doesn't really do anything interesting) but Toys R Us ran a promotion one weekend where they were selling ALL single Amiibo in a 2-for-$20 deal. Someone must have screwed up because Mega Yarn Yoshi was included in this promotion. So essentially, I paid $10 for my Mega Yarn Yoshi 😁My only regret was not getting two of them, instead I got a Waddle Dee in the other half of the promotion.

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I don't really see them as DLC. I see them as figurines that just so happen to sometimes have a bit of gameplay functionality.

Nothing that is unlockable solely through Amiibo has really impressed me that much (CPU training in Smash 4 and costumes in Breath of the Wild are probably the best things in almost 4 years of Amiibo coming out) so locking those things behind Amiibo never really bothered me. 

I would MUCH rather have that kind of content be locked behind Amiibo than the "season pass" model which so many games do nowadays by locking substantial content behind pricey expansions. Or god forbid, the lootbox model of forcing you to grind for months on end for random drops or take the easy way out by paying. At least Amiibo are a one-time purchase and keep delivering in small ways years after the fact.

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