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  1. I have back problems from years of work in construction, and I got one of these to make gaming on my couch more comfortable. I can confirm that it is an absolute game-changer. I can play for hours with no problems.
  2. Beating anything hard, like certain Crash Bandicoot levels. Though what kinds to mind right now was buying my own gaming hardware instead of begging it via gifts.
  3. Whenever I rush in RPG games, I get so deep that grinding to gain proper levels is near impossble.
  4. They were doing that back in the mid 2000s when phones took off, or for those who knew to hack their caculator. Teachers just have to have a watchful eye.
  5. extra life or do over? Life sucks with just one life these days it seems 😛
  6. If it moves from FPS to RPGs back in the old days I be fine with that, or back to platform games.
  7. Fog to rain seems like it, I know Zelda BotW really got the rain down, in a very annoying way.
  8. Depends on how much the BS is the sneak up... I'm looking at you shadow hand from Legend of Zelda!
  9. Seems people like the new screen, still not worth the extra money or upgrade though.
  10. Might have burned my palm a little from the N64 controller spin, otherwise some button smash games irritates my wrist these days.
  11. Enjoying classic games back when gameplay was a focus and not graphics. So pretty much anything and the hours upon hours spent on perfect dark.
  12. My local theater has a small section yet, I might pop in if I'm feeling bored.
  13. Garage sales would be about the only thing in my town.
  14. I know there should be more keychains out there, hard finding good ones.
  15. Two months in a row I got free games from PSN +, the amount paid for the subscription so that broke even for me. Plus I've scored a few games on ebay for less than $10.
  16. I hope so, looks like a fun game and shame it was only released on Xbox.
  17. I do have something to worry, I really can't play them, I'm sure my PS2 won't work.
  18. If only it wasn't so over sized! and has cheaper expansion options for its PS5 storage.
  19. I may or may not get it, depends how heavily recycled the first game into this ends up being.
  20. Yeah I wasn't sure of the difference either, so I just went with the world edition myself so I didn't miss out on anything.
  21. PC as well, since it has near infinite amount of games. Though Nintendo is my second with all of its never ending party games.
  22. I hope whatever it is, it does not include a baby.
  23. Fire Emblem games are the only ones I've played but I turn that feature off, I want to see everyone's ending.
  24. Alwasy seen myself as a ninja/assassin as I alwasy sneak about and remain quiet in real life.
  25. I never did, but waaaaaay back on the NES, you could buy black cartridge modded games and my grandma picked up a Ms. Pacman game that was a lot more fun than the original game.
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