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  1. So the game has been out, what are your guys thoughts on it? Did you end up enjoying it? Most of the people didn't care for it.
  2. I play the good ones (blazblue, in night rebirth, DBZ) for the story and not really the combat. Specially since I can't pull off complex fighting strings.
  3. Looks pretty good, and yet kind of a online generic game at the same time.
  4. I never played it, but I got some friends who have recently and once the covid thing is done I plan on picking it up.
  5. I know thanks to the covid, Nintendo pulled back on a lot of the go out and play features, so most of Pokemon go can just be played from your couch.
  6. Yeeeah, the checks they sent really didn't do much to be honest. But yeah news is going wild with the covid of late to levels that I feel are a bit much.
  7. Since they are doing wrestling without a crowd, any sport can be done without one, its just really strange and kind of creepy to do so.
  8. Not much a fan of either, though if I did have to pick one I would go with Selena Gomez.
  9. Hardly looks like a legendary fish, which I'm pretty sure at this point I doubt its still kicking around.
  10. I've been working through this, in a second line of defense type office supply store. It sucks and I always go in each day fearful.
  11. Do you have good enough internet though to download 100gbs worth of games?
  12. Thankfully I never had to watch the series, just play it for a moment in Kingdom Hearts 3, which was more than enough.
  13. Well not completely, but I did completed the Uncharted series 1 through 4.
  14. Looks pretty good, I'll have to get over to my friend's house to try it out.
  15. I think back in the day I picked Wario or Bowser, then eventually Toad because he seem faster to use.
  16. Inti Creates announced the Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 game for the Nintendo Switch console. Anyone here a fan of this series?
  17. I don't even use my laptop for gaming and I had to get a cooling pad for it, I recommend one with extending legs so it can sit up and still get that air flow no matter how you sit.
  18. oh boy... I think it be a tie for me between Final Fantasy 7 and Perfect dark 64. I played them a lot since there wasn't anything else to play.
  19. I wouldn't say the best, but I found the endings for Twisted Metal always interesting and amusing at times.
  20. Pretty sure sites like these are still getting in hot water as they still come across stolen keys. Nothing worse than buying one and getting in trouble with the game's servers.
  21. I don't have a top ten, but the few I do go to: Culvers Little Ceasers Dominos Caseys Though with the lock down and everything, I've been going to less and less fast food places.
  22. ahh yes the desert was a bit tricky for me, but keep at it, a lot more fun stuff awaits beyond it.
  23. A failed key and file corruption for sure. If you can try and double check your key to make sure it works and for the file, maybe redownload it if possible or delete the files and reinstall from the disc again.
  24. That is a problem, but its also why I look at multiple reviews and see what a common flaw might be or why one is mentioning something the others aren't.
  25. Depends on the time of the day, but for gaming I like it on slightly higher setting as most games seem to be set in a dark setting and need to see it easier.
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