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Most Hilarious Fortnite Moment?

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During a game of 50 vs 50, I was in a firefight with 3 guys of the opposing team on a cliff. One of them threw an impulse grenade at me. Instinctively I built a wall when I saw it coming and it bounced off the wall I created and fell between the 3 of them and then exploded. Hurling them off the cliff, killing them. I laughed so hard that I was useless for the rest of the round ( we won). Have you ever had any funny encounters like this?

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14 hours ago, skyfire said:

Best moments in battle royale games is when you reach close to the person having no ammo and you don't want to have any form of fight and just run away. 

Or even funnier - running away and the person chasing you falls to their death...

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