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Anyone got any good riddles?

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The bullies killed her. It is a pre-written note from her written days before (when she considered committing suicide) or the bullies wrote the note to cover their tracks?

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You got it. Now for a difficult one.



The strangest thing has been happening. For the past two weeks, numbers have been appearing on my front door. I don't know who is putting them there or why they are doing it, but I'm puzzled. I'm a single woman and I live alone. My apartment is on the 4th floor.
The numbers are written on the corner of the door in ballpoint pen. Every morning, when I wake up, I check my front door and find somebody has written four new numbers there during the night. The first time I noticed it, there were 4 numbers. Now, there are 56.
One night, I stayed up to keep watch, but I didn't see anything. By dawn, I gave up and decided to go to bed, but when I woke up, there were four new numbers. Here's the sequence:





I don't know what to make of it. Do you?

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Every night. They've been watching her for quite a while.

Next riddle.


There was a man who lived on the 14th floor of a high-rise apartment building. One night, he came home very late. He got into the elevator and pushed the button for his floor. The button lit up, the doors closed and the elevator began to ascend.
Just then, the button for the 8th floor lit up.
"I guess someone else is getting on", he thought to himself.
A few seconds later, he realized something.
He started hitting the Stop button. The elevator came to a halt on the 3rd floor. As soon as the doors opened, the man jumped out and raced down the stairs. He booked into a hotel for the night and only went back to his apartment building when it was morning.

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Yup. I thought I should give you an easy one after the last one. Let's see how this one goes.


One night, I was visiting a friend of mine. I hadn't seen him in a long time. We had the following conversation:
Friend: I like having you here.
Me: Yeah, it's been good to see you again.
Friend: Will you stay the night? You can sleep in the spare bedroom.
Me: OK. Why not? It'll be easier than walking home.
Friend: Kill some time here then. I like having company. It's so lonely here all on my own.
Me: Yeah, living alone can be tough.
Friend: You look exhausted. You should probably go straight to bed and get some rest.
Me: I guess I am feeling tired.
Friend: In the morning, I'll have a lot of things to take care of. Sweet dreams.
Me: OK. See you in the morning.
Friend: Your bed is already made. It's the first bedroom on the right. Just go to sleep. 
Me: Goodnight.
Friend: Sleep tight.
I went into the bedroom and closed the door behind me. Then, as I thought about the conversation, I started shaking. I listened at the door as my friend walked down the hallway and went into his bedroom. Then, I opened the window, climbed out and ran all the way home.

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That one was pretty easy. I'm not sure how hard this one will be though.


My mom treats my girlfriend like crap. Whenever we come over to visit, she never sets out a place for her. Today, when she was cleaning, she grabbed her and called her dirty and tried to throw her in the closet. That was too much for me. I shouted "Mom! Don't treat Alice that way!" My mom just looked at me and was all like "Alice? Who the hell is Alice?" I can't believe how rude my mom is.

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That or an old rug. But either way the kid isn't right upstairs.


A young girl was locked in a coalshed. She was crying. Through her tears, she noticed an old lamp sitting among the pieces of coal. She picked it up and began rubbing off the coal dust.

Suddenly a genie appeared and said, "I will grant you one wish. Choose wisely, for one wish is all I can grant."

"Please make my parents disappear!" cried the girl. "I really hate them!"

"Your wish is my command," said the genie. "Go to sleep tonight. Before you wake up in the morning, your wish will be granted."

The next morning, the girl woke up and went downstairs. She found her mother and father sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast. The girl immediately regretted making the wish. She ran out to the coalshed and began rubbing the lamp.

The genie appeared and asked, "Are you happy now?"

"Please let me take back the wish I made yesterday", begged the girl.

"I am sorry," said the genie. "Once a wish has been granted, it cannot be taken back."

The young girl began crying bitterly.

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