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On 3/5/2019 at 7:58 PM, The Blackangel said:

I'm polytheistic and pay homage to the ancient Gods of Greece.

I've read through this topic before, but never really sank in to me. Now I realize after you referred to the God of War game as people see it being only mythical as offensive to you. I myself have to stand corrected and apologize for being insensitive. You definitely have rarity in your veins. 

I think the reason people think Greek Gods are considered mythology is because, as far as I know, there isn't temples to worship, people trying to convert, modern books, etc. If Christianity or any other religion today ceased existence of a place to worship, books, and converters, then Jesus and God would be a myth. But who is to say what is relevant in today's beliefs? A single god is the new belief. Something happened 2000 years ago to force mankind to believe in a single Deity. 

In the new world Native Americans had their own beliefs that is something I am ignorant in myself being 16% Native American. I struggle everyday being Native, White (English, Italian, Scottish, French, Dutch, and Spanish (white). I know Spanish is European, but it's a double whammy knowing American whites don't like my heritage being Hispanic. And on top of that, I struggle with what my kind did to the Natives. I'm born a true American where everyone is accepted. I don't even know what I'm trying to say anymore. This is deep to me. 

But I have learned to respect all beliefs. I continue to learn. 

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I have a little Cherokee in me, but the blood has gotten so thin over the generations that it's almost not there.

2000 years after Constantine converted to xtianity on his death bed to keep his empire fro crumbling, there aren't a lot of places left to honor the old Gods. Most have fallen into ruin, or been destroyed by war. There are a handful left, but they're considered tourist attractions, not religious or holy sites. However for those of us that still believe, we will still use them as holy. If I ever make it to Greece, I will spend a day in the temple of the patron Goddess that I personally serve. I don't consider myself worthy to speak Her name, as I am mortal and She is a Goddess. But She is the Goddess of love and beauty. Her counterpart is the planet Venus. Her name starts with an A.

17 hours ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

I know Spanish is European, but it's a double whammy knowing American whites don't like my heritage being Hispanic.

I have family that is Hispanic. Not biological. They started out as friends, but they're family now. I will kill for them and I will die for them. There's nothing I wouldn't do to protect them or anyone that I care about, and I can count the number on my fingers and still have fingers left over. At current count, I have seven people in my life who matter to me. Those seven are on the same level. I will kill, die, or anything in between for them to ensure they are safe. I will happily give up my life for any of them. As for the rest of the world, my own biological bloodline included, I don't give half a shit what happens to them. I can sit back and watch them burn and my only worry is that I don't have enough hot dog buns. I've given away things that are family heirlooms, because they don't mean shit to me, and my bloodline can kiss my ass and whine about it for the rest of their lives.

I. Don't. Fucking. Care.


If I love you, that surpasses what most can envision. But you have one chance. You blow that chance, you will never get another one and have made an enemy beyond the end of eternity.

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Ask yourself what your religion teaches. Are you drifting from what your religion teaches? Are your religious leaders saying things against your foundation of what you are supposed to practice? Are they manipulating versus to serve a purpose? Are they collecting money? Are they trying to make you an extremist against others? Do they want you to harm others? Do they tell you it's ok to harm others? Does their words make you feel violent towards others? Are they anti government? Is your church obsessed with jailing people? Does your church put others in harm? Do you feel there is no way out? Are your peers coercing you? Are you uncomfortable? Do you feel pressured by your spouse? A no win situation? There is help out there for you. 



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