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Microsoft Reward System - for gamers

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If your registered with the reward system through Microsoft Reward System, you earn a point mostly. Once you have the required amount, you can choose to redeem them for a Gift Card, Sweepstake's, or donating to a charity. Find out more here if your interested in being part of the program. I stopped using Bing Rewards a while back now, I'm more of a Google Fanboy as I find it's easier to navigate and it took a very long time to cash out for a Gift Card. 

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I'd say that microsoft rewards are lot better. And they tend to offer more games than the PS rewards. So I'd vote for them. I think the gift cards with bing and also some of the gaming merchandise giveaway for free is good thing. Something that sony would never do these days. I'd say that Xbox team is being generous on that part as well. We have to just see where things go. 

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