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Division 2 Suffering A Massive Playerbase Decline

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To be honest, It is more solid than the original division - my issue is that it is a pretty boring and repetitive game and that's why I stopped playing it. Sometimes, I even forget I have the game unless someone mentions it or I see a video about it or something. I know of a good number of people who feel the same way about this game and have stopped playing it as a result. What are your thoughts about the Division 2's massive decline in players?


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17 hours ago, skyfire said:

Anyone who watched the division gameplay and thought it would be any good game was just being in a delusion. It was not a good plot and it's not a good game on PVP scenarios either. 

It's pretty boring and repetitive - all you do are these stupid shoot your way through an area mission with a few tweaks here and there but it is the same thing throughout. As I said, I played it for like a couple weeks and was bored of it and haven't bothered to play it ever again.

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