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PUBG Community Skins

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52 minutes ago, skyfire said:

I think the demand from community must be less, otherwise I am guessing apex being visually rich could have done this before. 

Oh believe me dude the skins in Apex legends are really crappy, the only cool skins are the legendary and they are really hard to come by even at the store.

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6 hours ago, skyfire said:

In that case they have to be opened up for the graphics community input. I am sure there must be a lot of graphics artist who would be willing to get into the skins portfolio. 

Yep that would be nice, for example on Apex the rare skins only change the color pattern of your stock suit, but in fornite a rare skin is a freaking mammoth costume.

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On 1/5/2020 at 1:02 AM, skyfire said:

PUBG seems to be loaded with skins each season or some specific day like halloween, some religious holidays etc. I guess apex have to catch it up. 

They did on October and on December and that was nice, but for example Fortnite has specials skins at least once a month, I'm not sure about PUBG but probably they have the same amounts of skins like in Fortnite. But yeah Apex has to catch up.

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