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question for xbox users of skyrim special edition?

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I feel like I may have messed up my load order i know Bruma, campfire are attached to unofficial patch.  

I know all the sound files go in one catergory: serana dialogue edit, guard dialogue overhaul, enhance draught sounds, elder scrolls music combined, minas tirith as to with replacer, quieter dungeons and caves. What about quests? Relationship dialogue stuff, buildings, horse camera tweaks, realistic death physics, parlour, realistic water two, landscape fixes for grass, alternate start mods, gameplay like: ranger call, DIRGE, tweaks arrows and bolts - sniper edition, atlas map markers, world map, stones of barenziah, run for your life, weapons of lord of the rings, fashions of the fourth era, multiple spouses mod, followers, female vampires with fangs, realistic ghosts, enhanced weather, enhanced for, rustic weather and lighting, smooth sky mesh, skyrim is windy, realistic snow, minty during lighting storm and etc.

i have decided i may have way too many mods as i was told, so its having a hard time  loading things in, like if you go to white run territory, it crashes and performance drops.  even going to falkreath when having holds mods or capital mods load in, it crashes as well.

So i have few weather mods, i know have rustic weather and lighting, smooth sky mesh, skyrim is windy, npc followers, building locations like ruins, lord of the rings, fashions of the fourth era, beyond skyrim bruma content, i downloaded unofficial patch first, then bruma content, campfire, DIRGE, Tweaks arrows and bolts -sniper edition, horse camera tweek, realistic death physics, parkour the one with the assassin on it,  Auruoa, atlas map markers, world map, stones of barenziah, serana dialogue edit, elde rscrolls music combined, minas tirith replacer, enhanced draugr, quieter dungeons and caves, talkative dragons, guard dialogue, relationship, follower dialogue overhaul mods, ranger call, landscape fixes for grass, alternate start, open cities skyrim, color patches remover, realistic water two.


i p[ut the game play and camera tweeks on the bottom is that ok? what about city street cleaner? increase game stability? optmised clothing, optmised weapons and armor? what about weapons like lord of the rings content and Excalibur? what about all the quests stuff?


i did got rid fo few stuff so it doesn't cause too much issues of loading, but gamewise, im confused.


what order do i put them in? categorize wise?


i ask youtube, didn't much there, i ask nexus they called me a liar for asking for help. i already looked at tarsha website and how to load order.

sorry with all the questions.

can someone explained it too me on what to do?

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