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Persona 5 Royal

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As someone who played the original persona 5, i must say its one of my favorite games all time. Anyone have any opinions on if royal adds enough to warrent spending the money for it if someone has played the original,  is it worth it? 

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On 9/1/2020 at 5:54 PM, KuroInDistress said:

Never played any persona, but been meaning to jump into it. I think I will try and get P5 Royal soon, looking forward to spending 100+ hours on it

I dont think it would need like 100 or so hours to spend. few hours of gameplay would satisfy you. 

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I somewhat hate myself for not reading the manga, watching the anime or playing the game as I am fully in love with the artstyle. The review is epic, and I love how the guy is talking, he has a nice voice. And the game seems really nice. Hopefully I'll get some money next year and get it.

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