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The Last of Us Part 2 New Release Date, Ghost of Tsushima Delayed Until July

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A mixed bag of news. Whilst TLOU 2 will now release on June 19nth, Ghost of Tsushima has been pushed back to July 17nth instead of the originally planned June 26th. Kotaku article here. This is happening almost certainly because a disgruntled Naughty Dog employee leaked the plot of TLOU2 online, so to avoid spoilers be very careful on YouTube, Reddit and social media over the next few weeks.


With this leek, they're bringing TLOU2 out perhaps sooner than they were going to and pushed Ghost of Tsushima back to avoid both these games coming out in the same month causing lower sales for both and creating a logistical nightmare with both games coming out within days of each other. It's a shame that this leak happened, but I am glad to be getting a new release date game and getting it soon. Frustrating for Ghost of Tsushima fans for sure, but it's not a long delay, so I think this will not affect them too badly.


EDIT: A Gamespot Article with a bit more information

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Im glad that TLOU2 is releasing soon (hopefully), Im not that excited about the Ghost of Tsushima so for me it doesnt really matter when it comes out. 

Now regarding the leaks that had me upset, they basically ruin the game for a lot of people, I havent seen them yet and Im trying to avoid comment sections on other gaming websites. I saw rumors that the leaks where courtesy of an upset ex-nauthy dog employee.

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