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Cyberpunk 2077 Will Allow You To Customise The Look of Everything About Your Character...EVERYTHING

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Yes, when this game comes out, the world will change forever as the Testgina will become a thing.



On a more serious note, and not surprisingly, the games rating across the various agencies, regions and countries has been mature, 18+ or what ever the equivalent is everywhere, but NOT banned or censored. Even Australia is allowing it to be sold with that 18+ rating. This good though because CD Project Red aren't being forced change or water down in any way. Of course, strong Langridge, bloody violence, sexual content, drugs, alcohol and scenes of torture all contribute to this as well, so is a very mature. How long before some idiot parent or grandparent buy this for an 8-year-old then tried to blame the game for exposing their precious baby to such horribleness.


But yeah, testginas. You know somebody's gonna do it.

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