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So, what really happened in Spec Ops: The Line?

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Just finished Spec Ops: The Line. I loved it.







So, what really happened in this game?

I think the most straightforward theory is that they died in the crash at the start, and everything after that is Walker's dying hallucinations recounting the events leading up to the crash + his imaginings afterwards or a purgatorial trip to the afterlife.

I also am trying to figure out if he already had PTSD when he arrived in Dubai, from whatever passed before on his previous tour with Konrad.

Curious what choice people made at the end. I had him kill himself the first time, but that was because I thought it'd wake him up, and that shooting Konrad's reflection would just bury his mind. Didn't work the way I thought, and I didn't want him to just get oblivion, so I went back and shot Konrad's reflection and sent him "home." I hope he gets a chance at redemption/healing.

Incidentally, I liked the overall lack of player agency in this game. It felt more "real" to me than games where the world revolves around my choices and they usually work out. 

Also, what a soundtrack! Been playing it on loop since I finished.

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