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  1. I just kind of assumed that Nintendo don't consider them marketable enough and their probably right.
  2. Blitzball. Totally firkin impossible but it would be awesome!
  3. Sorry but I can't have that! I agree that character design in Ninja Theory's Reboot was a dumb choice, but they are other attributes on which to measure a game. I'm telling you in every single measurable was Devil May Cry 2 worse at the time and still is. The Reboot has that one major problem that everyone focus' in on while ignoring the rest of the game which actually does have some good qualities. ALL of Devil May Cry 2 on the other hand is a shit show and by a country mile the worst entry in the franchise and I'm going to explain exactly why. Terrible Graphics: They took the first's games sharp and crisp looks and turned into one of the most drab and muddy looking games on the PS2. Many of the backgrounds look like a first year Art student's abstract oil paining projects and gives one a legitimate headache. Dante in DMC looked like he was poppin pills but at least he didn't make me wanna do it myself! Cumbersome Controls: This is what makes me think most of the people who say the DMC reboot is the worst entry haven't actually played Devil May Cry 2. If you have actually experienced what Devil May Cry 2 and DMC are like with a controller in your hand there is no fucking way you say that DMC is worse. The controls in Devil May Cry 2 are among the worst not just in the DMC franchise but in the entire hack-and-slash genre. In any modern game you expect the right stick to move the player, which is very much how it works in DMC. Now to be fair, many games back then didn't do this but instead had an automatic tracking camera that you had no direct control over (this will come into play later on as well). This includes the original Devil May Cry, Onimusha, among others.. but none did anything close as brain dead as what Devil May Cry 2 with that right stick. If you have a controller close to hand I want you to actually hold it right now so you really feel what I mean. Like in the first game the face buttons operate your standard jump, dodge, ranged and melee attacks, you would naturally use your right thumb to operate these buttons. To access the extra combo's in Devil May Cry 2 you need push the right stick in a particular direction, up, down, left or right. In theory this opens up some cool ideas like shooting in two directions and stringing together multiple combo's. If you have a controller to try this you've probably noticed the problem by now... YOU CAN'T USE YOU RIGHT THUMB ON THE RIGHT STICK! Instead you have to stretch over and/or alter the position of left hand in order plant your left thumb on the right stick. It's cumbersome, unnatural and your two thumbs constantly bang together. Then if you suddenly need to stop your combo to perform a dodge you need to quickly re-orient you hands back to the way they were to get back to the left stick. It's a control scheme that is literally designed for someone with two thumbs on their right hand! Utter madness. That Fucking Camera!: The absolute worst experience with a camera in a game of this type...was with Genji: Days of the Blade on PS3 (maybe I'll rant about that rotten bit of sushi some other time)... But Devil May Cry 2 on PS2 is a very close second! The problem is most of the time it's way up in the air so it's hard to see what coming up ahead of you much of the time. Even worse is WAY more of the enemies are up in the air. So while the camera is pointing down it's very hard to tell where they are. Maybe we've been spoiled by the advent of the twin stick control style but even for the standards of the time this was pretty annoying. Boring Story/Characters: You would probably think here at least given DMC's reputation this is where Devil May Cry 2 would be better, but no. The characters are bland, the story is forgettable, Dante has some stupid gimmick where like tosses a coin like Two-Face and it has so little connection with it predecessor I can't even tell if it's a prequal, sequel or something else entirely. Dante aside none of the charters make a return outside of one or two references and unlockables. no Trish, no virgil, no Mundis, no Sparda, no nothing. Just that bland bimbo Lucia. With the DMC Reboot I at least knew it was a reboot! There's two campaigns, one for Dante and one for Lucia. You might think that Capcom would do something cool with this, like in Resident Evil 2 where you played as one character then played through it again seeing it from the perspective of the other, but no. In Lucia's campaign you mostly fight the same enemies, solving the same puzzles and opening the same doors through the same area's that Dante just went through. It's redundant and doesn't make any sense. On top of that there are periods in the story when Lucia is out of action, but her campaign is not re-edited to compensate for this so it just jumps through huge portions of the story! If you had the misfortune of playing through Lucia's campaign first you would be completely lost. I got a lot issues with DMC's storyline and characters too, but this is pure incompetence! Enemies and their Artificial IDIOCY!: Speaking of incompetence: It's not just me picking out a meme here, this kind of shit happens A LOT! Groups of enemies will attack one at a time while the others circle around patiently waiting for their turn to get their ass beat, there's some that don't react to being hit, there's some that stand there until their hit, there's some that don't move, there's some that jump-cut into another position instead of moving because they couldn't be bothered to do the animation.... do I even need to illustrate why the reboot is better in THIS regard? On top of this the sprites and models used for the enemies are TERRIBLE! In the other games (including DMC) there's a consistent art style, this is not the case at all in Devil May Cry 2. I swear at least half the sprites were looted from cutting floor of other Capcom games. Seriously take a look at these and tell me where they clearly actually belong! I mean seriously? I Also think Castlevainia dropped these somewhere: The bosses where even worse, it was quantity over quality. In the first game (as well as the follow ups) the bosses were legitimate characters that played a part in the story. You had interactions with them that furthered the story and built character. In Devil May Cry 2 it was just more random sprites that you only fought once and I think there is a grand total of two... Yes, only TWO that even spoke and one of them was the main humanoid villain! I'm sorry @killamch89, and I'm not trying to stomp my shit covered size 10's on anyone's opinion, but to say Ninjas Theory's DMC reboot is worse than Devil may Cry 2 just because of the design of the main character is just ridiculous! Ninja theory made some bad choices with DMC, no denying that, but they at least made an EFFORT! It played properly, it had more than 5 characters with spoken dialogue, It had AI that could put up fight, it had (aside from Dante himself) a cool and consistent art style. There was no effort put into Devil May Cry 2 at all. It was just cheaply thrown together to cash in on first game's success. It's a miracle the franchise even survived it!
  4. To make it clear I'm not at all bothered by Microsoft acquiring Activision, even if franchises like Call of Duty do become XBox platform exclusives at some point down the line. As far I'm concerned Sony instead of whining about could maybe go a bit more capitalist and do something about it! With that being said, this still a really dumb argument. So Sony have a "unrivalled warchest of an IP" that has managed to become in successful in TV through a third party company... so that makes it a legitimate rival to Call of Duty? Fuck off! Riot Games has League of Legends which had a successful adaption distributed through Netflix (again, third party). Doesn't mean it's a direct competitor Steam's CSGO! The comparison and logic are insane!
  5. Me personally, I believe in quality over quantity. I wouldn't make a post just for sake of it. I only bother when I feel it has something meaningful to contribute. Sometimes I might be making a post, perhaps even one that I'd been working on for half an hour so and decide "You know what, this isn't going anywhere" and abandon it.
  6. I'm not a fan, some asshole once used 2FA to lock ME out of one of my accounts. Not to mention If your in a situation where you've changed your phone number, like it got lost, stolen or you switched providers, getting back into 2FA account can be an absolute nightmare.
  7. Well if there's a market for it, go for it! A Final Fantasy VII Steelbook Edition with Tifa's breasts poking out? I wouldn't know if I should turned on or terrified!
  8. I agree with you about Tencent. But given how much NetEase has been smearing them, and I'm sure the Chinese public would side with the home team, I don't think Blizzard can afford to be picky.
  9. There's probably cheaper ways then a Raspberry pi. I've been looking and right now I'm struggling to find the latest Raspberry Pi 4 8GB for less than £200 (~$250) and that's without a case, power supply, fan or any extra storage. Even that model struggles to emulate anything past the PS1/N64 era. I'd to look more into it but there probably is a cheaper and/or better way. I've heard of a lot of people installing homebrew on a XBox Series S and it's apparently able play XBox 360 and even PS3 games!
  10. I think the NetEase bridge is truly burned. By Chinese Law they need a Chinese Distributer to publish any games there, that was the whole point of the NetEase partnership in the first place. I'm sure they are looking for another partner and I'm certain they will make a deal with someone, Tencent maybe?
  11. It seems by the time they realised what was happening it was already far to late, whether they actually did bomb Jakarta or not. The woman that was being examined at the start of the second episode was dead for 30 hours on September 24th and she was infected via a bite, hence not the first and it was already spreading. The outbreak in Texas where Sarah, Joel and Tommy were happened on September 26th, but given the time difference that's actually only one day later not two. So if we assume that Indonesia is where it started, it's at least a two day window between the contaminated produce to have left that warehouse in Jakarta (and possibly others) and the first known cases of the infection. I've looked it up and another thing about Cordyceps is that can take up to 6 weeks for fruiting. This means whatever the contaminated crop was, lets just say it was wheat, could have been harvested, processed, freighted out but not actually become infections until it was your morning Bacon roll a month or two later. So for me, the idea they are going with does hold up.
  12. I think episode 3 is probably my favourite so far. This version of Bill and Frank's story had so much more heart to it which was pleasant and unexpected change from the more bitter and intense way it plays out in the game. Don't get me wrong the way it's done in the game does play out better for that media because there's more action involved but it's nice to see that the writers aren't afraid to take things in a different direction far a passive media adaptation.
  13. There's plenty of other games, offline and online that are able to store saved data locally without any issue. In online games I think it's some kind of verification system where if the locally stored data doesn't match the the online profile then the local data is overwritten or something. The online games right now are inaccessible in China but they and their associated data not gone! I'm certain cracking is possible but that's an issue either way.
  14. So... A feature that saves a couple of bucks on ones energy bill is to woke? What the hell do these people want their XBox to run on, the V10 from a Dodge Viper?
  15. Well this is frankly... Hilarious! The same Blizzard that shilled so hard for China, the same Blizzard that banned tournament player Ng “Blitzchung” Wai Chung for supporting the Hong Kong protesters in 2019, that same Blizzard that censored their own art for the Chinese market... Is now having most of their online games taken down in China: As of January 23rd 2023 most of the Online games developed and published by Activision-Blizzard are inaccessible in China. Including World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and Overwatch. To be fair situation seems to the result of a breakdown between Activision Blizzard and their now former Chinese Distribution partner NetEase rather than the Chinese government, but but still you can't help but laugh at the irony. Watch YongYeh's video above for more details but I can summarise by saying, this seems to be a VERY messy "divorce" even American court TV standards! NetEase and some of their employees have put out a number of scalding social media post directed at Acti-Blizzard including livestream showing them destroying Blizzard paraphernalia at their offices. One particularly bitter LinkedIn post from a NetEase Executive Simon Zhu put the blame on "jerk" at Activision-Blizzard. Some are speculating that is a reference to CEO Bobby Kotick who, and lets be fair, is well known to be a prick. Blizzard are of course pinning the blame on NetEase. They stated that even after the announcement that the partnership would be end they made an offer to extend the service by another six months while they looked for another partner so that players wouldn't loose out. This offer was rejected by NetEase. It seems like a lot of the information in regards to exactly what happened are still very much buried here but I would guess that Acti-Blizzard, or at least some there (possibly Kotick) did something to really upset the people at NetEase because it's them in particular that are acting out. I would dare even they that NetEase are being a bit unprofessional but I don't know the full context to this so it might yet turn out their behaviour is justified. I do feel sorry for the players in China who could loose out on weeks, or even months of game time because of what seems to be very petty behaviour on the part of these two companies. So what are thoughts? Do you think this is the fault of Activision-Blizzard, NetEase, or both?
  16. I've seen a few reactions to people that recently had access to a preview version of the game and it's looking pretty promising. I'm not a particularly big Harry Potter fan but I would probably pre-order this game if it weren't for J.K.Rowling being the transphobic cunt that she is.
  17. For Sony it's a bit of a different story since PSN is NOT an open platform. Plenty of shit does still make it through to PSN but Sony can say no. Pretty much yes. I think it was a few years ago there was a big controversy about a bunch of Henti VN porn games being censored or banned on Steam, but since it's an open platform they were called out and then started allowing them again. Since then just about about anything that's not considered illegal is allowed on Steam.
  18. It's unlikely Steam will take this down and to be honest, I don't think they should. Like it or not it's an open platform, he is entitled to free speech and charging $2000 isn't breaking any rules. I agree that he is a tool but it doesn't matter but unless it can be proved he is doing something legitimately fraudulent or the content is directed hate speech (which based on what I've seen really just implied) then it's allowed on Steam. If they removed this then under the same precedent any game featuring a trans character could be removed as well because "it insult's certain religions" or whatever. I don't like it but it is the truth.
  19. Correction, £1.4 million not 14 obviously, not that it matters that much.
  20. Well it would be bad enough if this were just paying $2000 US for some AI generated art and some imbecilic transphobic ranting, but I'm sorry that the rabbit hole goes even deeper. Seriously prepare yourself. I first leaned about this from a video by PyroLIVE but I did go to the source to verify it for myself and you probably will too because this is simply beyond belief. The "developer" of this game, ProX, has a website and on this website there are links to affiliated social media including a Patreon. Now there's nothing wrong or unusual about any of that, until you see the support tiers. I'm including a link for illustrative purposes but if the mods feel like it should be removed I'm ok with that, DO NOT SUPPORT THIS GUY! You'll notice the first 3 tiers and there's nothing really unusual aside from them being a bit on the pricy side for what's basically just Discord roles. However there is a forth tier that can only be seen by clicking the "See All 4 Levels" button below... Brace yourselves. Your eyes are not deceiving you, your not counting the number of digits wrong and that amount is not in Vietnamese dongs. This screwball is actually trying to screw someone out of £14 million plus VAT a month. In the UK VAT is 20%, so going by that figure that puts the cost of a "Loyal Supporter" (understatement of the fucking age) in USD dollars at $2,087,532.50 A MONTH!!!!!!! What do get for this? A "free" copy of the game. Fuck.... me!
  21. Yeah that's definitely an interesting approach to teaching. Getting the top grade isn't about the quality of your coursework or how well you've demonstrated your understanding of the subject... The only thing that matters is how quickly you can hand it in! That would be worst teacher ever, Image this guy doing a presentation for toddlers about road safety: Fucking hell!
  22. You know what, I'm just going to push aside the crazy, transphobic, misogynistic and down right illiterate ranting of this toxic man baby aside for one second and just laugh at how incompetent his wring is. Take a look at this bit of Matthew Werner's video and ask yourself if there is any chance that this clown actually read what he wrote down out loud:
  23. Ok, after playing a little of the demo I'm VERY confused as to why they issued a press release stating PC specs this ridiculously high. Here is what I'm rocking: I'm easily playing the Demo on ultra at 1440p. Here's the weird thing though., I started on the ultra pre-set without changing anything and I was getting around 35 fps quite consistently. The I made some other adjustments like changing the model and texture memories from their default standard to high and ultra high and turning on NVidea DLSS... ...and my FPS actually went UP to 50! This must be the only thing I've ever played where you get better performance when you turn everything up to spinal tap! It's fucking bizarre.
  24. You seem to have misunderstood what this is about. You need to post something from a video game for the next person to react to you muppet! On that note:
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