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  1. A Perfect Dark remake has been in development for a while now, being co-developed by The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics: There isn't a ton of information but it creatively seems to be going in quite a different direction to it's predecessor. It also seems to have had a bit of a troubled development with many of senior staff members (on the Crystal Dynamics side in particular) leaving the project along with various other delays due to COVID, Embracer Group's acquisition of CD and so on.
  2. I haven't played it yet but I think they mentioned it in the trailer, or the Steam page or something. I'd like to think of this as an RPG type of thing, where you can choose what miracles to perform. Like your walking around Galilee and your like "That guy is fishing , cool! As for that other guy hunting crabs... "Fuck him! I'm gonna give him Leprosy". in the next Level I could be perchin away and suddenly be like "The first five to cough up 50 silver pieces get one loved one raised from the dead and the rest of you get Leprosy, cough it up!" Gotta be honest, if I were the son of God I would be a total cunt! When faced with crucifixion I would be like "Oh look at that! All you Jews and roman officials who said 'Crucify Him' are suddenly on fire! What rotten luck!"
  3. As I'm sure will come a shock to absolutely no one given my history of posts here... The fucking song rocks and gets a 10/10. I especially like the cover version form FamilyJules: I'd like to step away from my comfort zone of RPG's for a bit and post something from one of the most off beat, slick and cool franchises of all time. Pull my Devil Trigger bitch! (Plus a cover from Little V)
  4. As far as I know there has (still) been no official announcement from Sony or From Software. Earlier I made a "best case scenario" prediction of Q4 2023. If that's true then we might see an announcement the VGA's but I doubt it.
  5. This is conclusive proof that you don't give a shit about what your posting. You just pick a subforum, make a post then click next topic rinse and repeat. You don't put any effort into researching your posts and don't pay the slightest bit of attention to what others writing. Your an absolute waster and I know I'm not the only one who is completely sick of it. As the OP I'm going to request a lock because I don't want you responding and bumping this months dead topic any more.
  6. You what, fuck it! Replace the whole police force with monkeys! The whole town even!
  7. Ok that's a bit more clear, thanks.
  8. Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken or getting the wrong idea but I don't believe any of those are trilogies. There's 4 main entries in the Uncharted franchise, 8 if you include the 2 PS Vita, mobile, and lost Legacy Spin offs so I don't think that one counts. There's at least 6 main HALO entries and I'm certain there's been way more than 3 cannon Hitman games to.
  9. That was a rendition of "Take on Me" by a-ha, a song that I'm fairly sure was never featured in the game. I agree that it's cool though. This is starting to look really fucking good now! I recognise some of the moments and locations from the game but It's clearly not the one-to-one remake I feared would be. I think what we need now is a red band trailer of some kind, then we might hear Ellie speak for more than 5 seconds! 🤣 A word of advice. Next time you make a post just take 20 seconds to google something. Even if it's completely unrelated to the topic like "Is the Tomato a fruit or a vegetable?" please just try it?
  10. Keep it in a state of permanent "Purge".
  11. This just makes me both laugh and cringe. On one hand it's a pretty fun idea playing the "Messiah" and performing miracles and stuff. If it were just a bit of over the top parody fun then I'd be right on board. Therein lies the problem, you know there's just far to many that take this shit legitimately seriously and just sucks the fun out of it. From the material presented so far I don't know what the intention is.
  12. They have debuted some new promo images showing members of the cast like Joel, Ellie Tess, and others: https://www.eurogamer.net/hbos-the-last-of-us-debuts-new-cast-promo-images-including-joel-ellie-bill-and-frank There is more in the article if you want to check them out. I think they are looking great! Every bit as scruffy and miserable as they should be! The article has some has interesting information in it to. For one it confirms that where will be at least 3 brand new characters in it. Marlon and Florence, a married couple living in post-apocalyptic Wyoming and Kathleen, the leader of revolutionary movement in Kansas City. Thus suggesting that at points the show at times does narratively and geographically go in a different direction at times. It also confirms that Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, who played Joel and Ellie in the games, will have cameo roles in the show.
  13. I really loved the new Addams Family spin off Wednesday on Netflix.
  14. No that's not what I'm suggesting, I'm stating it as an undeniable fact. The Atari 2600 was the system that popularised the use of interchangeable cartridges and peripherals which revolutionised the market, but it wasn't the first. As I mentioned there were several home Pong consoles, the Magnavox Odyssey (which evolved form the "Brown Box" mentioned in the video), the Commodore TV Game, probably more.
  15. What are you talking about? There were multiple home computers, Pong machines and the Magnavox Odyssey the predate the (presumed) Atari 2600 and that's just the seventies. If you had actually watched even the first 10 minutes of the documentary you would know that there are several games and related hardware that pre-date Pong and Atari by several decades. "The pong game looks simple but the idea was way ahead of its time", except that the very similar Tennis for Two was presented over a decade earlier. On topic, A very interesting documentary. I knew that there were games on old computers and oscilloscope type displays but never really learned any of the details. Thanks for posting @Techno.
  16. FIFA sold what very little was left of their souls to Qatar for this event to be held in this shit country. I won't be shy and mince my words here, these people are incompetent fucking scum. Quatrain officials have harassed innocent reporters for no reason, they banned the the sale of alcohol at the last minute but still took money from companies like Budweiser. They've been banning and confiscating items that show support for the LGBTQ+ community despite FIFA's assurances that they wouldn't. There has been a catalogue list of technical problems from tickets sales on FIFA's own app to travel and accommodation for fans and the president of FIFA has publicly defended them for their atrocious human rights violations saying and I quote "Europe should apologise for the las 3000 years". That's just the tip of the iceberg, hell that's the tip of the iceberg concerning the World Cup! There is so much more when it comes to the hateful and disgusting place but I don't want to rant forever,
  17. 9/10 I get an almost Addams Family feel to this, it's dark and morbid but also positive and upbeat at the same time. I don't give it a maximum score because I feel I don't knowv the game well enough to make a comment with regard to context. Sticking with Final Fantasy let's see how the next person feels about this:
  18. This guy barley mentioned dick about another Burnout game and even if he did it would be another open world fringe off the same cloth as Need For Speed or Forza Horizon. When EA and Criterion released Burnout Paradise they fucking murdered the entire genre! They made it perfectly clear that they don't want to make fun, offline, arcade racers anymore and a disgustingly large number of players apparently agreed so the fun racing game is now dead, The last Burnout game was Paradise and it was dogshit. Even if Criterion were willing to make another Burnout there is far to many idiots that think Paradise was a good game that that is inevitably what they would build it from. Thanks for sharing but fuck this!
  19. 10/10 Both versions are complex, haunting, beautiful and expertly performed. I wish I had more to say, I honestly don't know shit about these games, but there is a genuine sense of tragedy and foreboding about this music that pulls me in. This is incredibly well done and thank for sharing @Rain Dew. Well, if it's going to be RPG heavyweights why not the Hymn of the Fayth from FFX, I'll also include the cover from Kate The Great:
  20. Okay, I would like to apologise. I called you out on not respecting the rules of this, but on further inspection I have since have realised that you were ignored by @Justin11 before for the above post and nobody called him out. I was the last person to make a post so obviously I can't react to it. So with respect to the post that @killamch89 that was ignored, I would kindly ask that the next poster react to both my MGS2 and his MGS1 post so that we can get back on track. Now @Justin11, you seriously need to pay attention, this is not once but twice you've done this on this very thread, one of which was unfortunately missed. if you could at the very least read the OP and then the latest post.. come on!
  21. You're supposed to react to the latest post, then post another song for the next person to react to. 7/10 I like it. It's not super dramatic or anything that particularly stands out but it's upbeat and relaxing. Now MGS3's Snake Eater was mentioned and is great track to one of my all time favourite games. Now admittedly it's predecessor MGS2 is a game I have given quite a hard time but to be honest, I think the soundtrack from composer Harry Gregson-Williams is even better than MGS3's! This I think was the first time a game went truly Hollywood with it's sound and music design and holy shit does it pay off!
  22. I have to disagree with you there. At first I was a little taken aback by this this new angle to because your ring in that it's not exactly "Addams Family". After watching though, I would say that expanding the supernatural aspect and going in a different direction form the oddball sitcom family concept was absolutely the right call. This is a show about specifically about Wednesday and it's not sitcom either. If they had gone in the direction of putting Wednesday in say, a regular boarding school with normal, snooty, spoiled kids as an odd one out character in the more typical Addams Family way... We'd have ended up with pretty much the same the as the summer camp bit form Addams Family Values. Don't get wrong that was a lot of fun but, they obviously wanted to do so thing different and rightly so. They've expanded the universe by expanding the oddball aspect to beyond just the family, this had already paid off massively in my opinion. We've got this deep back story about this School and nearby town that provides social commentary on past and present discrimination. This would never have worked if the Family were the only "outcasts" in this world.
  23. For me it's 2AM Sunday, so it's get drunk, go to bed or get drunk in bed.
  24. This new Adams Family spin off/remake launched on Netflix on November 23rd (yeah, it was Wednesday HAHA!) and in my opinion, it's damn near faultless. Netflix have admittedly been on a bit of a slide lately with the only a few recent hits like Stranger Things Season 4 and Squid Game. So they needed something on the platform to get people talking and I think this definitely will.... a good thing considering the amount they must have invested in it! As a kid I loved The Adams Family and The Adams Family Values movies. I'm sure I remember catching one or two episodes of the show as well I would say that Wednesday Addams was probably my favourite character (certainly in the movies). I hadn't really been following anything about it, in fact I don't I was aware of this maybe a couple of weeks ago but I got pretty exited. The premise is that Wednesday Addams (played brilliantly by Jenna Ortega) after getting kicked out of school and sent to Nevermore Academy, a special boarding school for "outcasts". In this world an outcast is anyone who isn't a normal human, or "normie". This includes Werewolfs, Vampires, Sirens, psychics and so on. Upon arrival she soon discovers a conspiracy that could bring tragedy to the school and everyone in it and she may be the only one that can stop it. It's also entirely possible that she is the direct cause of all the suffering, pain, and death but, she's Wednesday Fucking Addams, so nothing is going to stop her getting to the truth either way! She is joined in new quest for the truth by a number of her fellow students. Most notably Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers), a Werewolf who is was sent to Nevermore by her family because she is struggling to find her bite, so to speak. She's bubbly, sociable and bursting with colourful positivity... everything Wednesday of course is not. The dynamic of these polar opposites playing off each other is incredibly entertaining throughout. I'm not going to go into any detail about the story here, your obviously better of discovering that yourselves. I just wanted to gush about how good this and why I feel it's worth your time. We see a lot of "modern twists" of classic material these days and very often if falls flat and pales in comparison to their original's. Wednesday is very much a modern twist on of the Addams Family and for that reason alone I could see why some people would be put off. However, it's clear that Tim Burton knew what he was doing and had a clear idea of what to keep authentic and what to take in a different direction and in my opinion he made the right choice almost every time. He took the classic character of Wednesday, put her in a modern setting while retaining the same morbid charm and wit that made her such an iconic character. Not that I'm giving Mr Burton all the credit. After watching this performance I now have mad respect for Jenna Ortega: After watching Christina Ricci's (who is in this show as well) flawless portrayal of Wednesday back in the 90's I honestly thought there is no way anyone could do it better without basically playing copy cat... Yeah, I've been waiting years for an excuse to use this clip, bite me! ...but Ortega's dedication to the part is phenomenal she has made it her own. Of course this is the first time we see Wednesday as a teenager and as the focal point so we get to explore aspects of her personality that we haven't go the see before. Her performance feels totally authentic to the character but still feels fresh and new. Not to mention she had to acquire a skill set that give Leonardo da Vinci a run for his Mona Lisa! I mean she had to learn Archery, Fencing, Martial Arts, The Cello, Fast Typewriting and more! I would rip off my underwear and wave it in surrender just listing these! Ethen Hunt would tell these producers to fuck off! So what are your thoughts on Wednesday? Post down below and thanks for reading.
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