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  1. The full hike on Everest takes about 6 - 8 weeks, the round trip from base camp alone is 19 days.
  2. Standing in line. Before: After:
  3. I'm not interested in how anyone says I'm not interested when they wanna say I'm not interested without saying I'm not interested.... I would just tell I'm not interested.
  4. 3D TV's were a fad that I'm glad are pretty much dead now. Nobody wants to sit in their living room wearing those stupid glasses! VR is a better platform for 3D content in my opinion.
  5. Well the high end gaming PC is the one that would obviously be worth the most so I'd go for that.
  6. I'd say the original Dungeon Keeper. It had a really dark and twisted sense of humour about being the villain that I think was lost in later releases which were much more cartoonish.
  7. I'm sorry to have to say it but the fans are a least partly responsible for this. Blue Box did make the mistake of leaning into the rumours for publicity, but it wasn't them that started or spread them. It was a load of wide eyed overly optimistic fans with terminal confirmation bias. They looked at the early teasers and announcements and saw Silent Hill because that's what they wanted to see. They haven't learned their lesson either. A few weeks ago Bloober announced a partnership with Konami and of course these tools waved their hands in the air and started screaming Silent Hill.... And they were wrong AGAIN! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/bloober-teams-next-game-is-layers-of-fears/%3famp WAKE UP! Until Konami announces that it's in production or that the IP has been sold there will be no Silent Hill game.
  8. I just saw another article about the Horizon Netflix Series, and I'm now VERY confused... https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2022/06/horizon-netflix-show-will-be-called-horizon-2074-crew-includes-talent-from-the-boys-the-expanse The article mentions that there are pulling production talent from The Boys and The Expanse which is all well and good. However, if you know anything about the lore of Horizon there's an obvious problem the the writers of this article didn't notice. It's to do with the title which is now apparently Horizon 2074. I was kinda scratching my head when they announced it was Horizon 2047, 17 years before the FARO Plague, but this makes even less sense! This is about 10 years post extinction and the only surviving humans are the Zenith's or are (presumably) in bunkers like Elysium and Ted Faro's Thebes. The article even mentions that there will be two timelines. One during the period just before humanity fell and the other during the same timeline as the games. If that was their plan all along then they have announced two titles with a year stamp and there are both wrong! I'm getting pretty worried about this now because these writers don't seem to have a clue.
  9. I happened a while ago, since the XBox One launched at least.
  10. SHUUT THE FUCK UP! I don't wanna know about Alien turd philosophy... Let's just get back to the count. A boring 217. Oh, you made another edit, 218 then. I hate my life.
  11. YOU SON OF A BITCH! I had a cool 214 post lined up and then fuck! Well here it is, for the bugger all its worth: And now @Shagger has just posted with assumably a 215 so (Google)... I'm posting the Piccadilly Gardens to Stalybridge bus route. Enjoy! https://tfgm.com/public-transport/bus/routes/216-piccadilly-gardens
  12. I've gone through your Twitter posts and I'm not convinced. The idea of a game like this existing on the SEGA Saturn isn't even that shocking to me. Especially considering that Seaman (AVGN) released on the Dreamcast and that if anything is even weirder. I would believe it if there were some convincing evidence but there is not. That's not even close to my biggest doubt though. First of all, for or a game that allegedly released on the SEGA Saturn, this FMV looks oddly HD. For context, this is what FMV on the Saturn (at their best) actually looked like: Then in three other post's (I'm not going to bother to embed them, just look the OP) the character selection screen is completely different with no explanation. Thirdly, you post birds dying in thunderstorms (with clearly edited footage, but I'm running with it anyway) as proof? It's not exactly surprising that whit excessive rain, winds and lighting that some birds die. I don't need a made up game to explain why. Then there's the box art which anyone with access to basic Photoshop Software and a printer could produce. You are completely full of it.
  13. I'd say GoldenEye on N64. Don't get me wrong I love and respect the hell out of this game, I played it religiously as a kid. I was actually something of GoldenEye ace back on in the day. It presented the first person shooter on a home console in a way that absolutely revolutionised the game for console based shooters. However in this day and age where we have been spoiled with twin sticks it's borderline unplayable now. The controls by modern standards are incredibly awkward. @DC I'd like to say that I appreciate that your posting topics. I know you've got a lot on your plate with running the website and dealing with advertiser's and such. So it's nice that you are taking the time to discuss gaming shit with us filthy peasants!
  14. It's not that it hard, just have no money!
  15. I think you kind of made the point already. It would actually be more practical (and likely profitable) to special edition plates instead of the whole console. I'd like and hypothetically would expect to see plates for their first party titles like Horizon and God of War.
  16. Death threats are never acceptable, I'm not defending that kind of behaviour. With that being said CD Project did make one huge mistake that they have only themselves to blame for that resulted in all the chaos and pressure. They announced the (Initial) release date a full year ahead. In this day and age where games are more than complicated, expensive and difficult to produce than ever before that was a ridiculous decision. Even if we didn't take into COVID pandemic (which did no doubt affect production and was beyond their control) it's incompressible to think you predict the progress of production 12 months ahead. But of course you gotta get those pre-orders in and they completely took advantage of the good will they established with their earlier releases. If only they had waited to announce the release date until they were confident it was almost ready. They would have taken the time they needed, announced it a few months before release with my maybe one forgivable delay, two at most and that whole entire shitstorm would never have happened. I'm sure I've said it before but I'll it again. The issue is not delays, it's announcing to early. Thankfully I think most devs/publishers have now realized that and are way more cautious when it comes to release date announcements.
  17. I'm with you on that one. It's a saying brain dead idiots you can't think of a suitable verb. It's never used in context and it never makes any sense.
  18. I love these movies, despite the fact I didn't exactly grow up with them. I favour the first and third movies myself, I love the second as well but I just it retread the same notes as the first a little to much. I only really became a fan later in life and only recently did I discover some interesting facts about them. For example, the first movie released in theatres in America the literal day I was born!
  19. That's an odd question. I don't think any streight person shouldn't marry a lesbian. For reasons which are kinda self-explanatory the relationship wouldn't work and it certainly doesn't make one a homophobe.
  20. On Alyssa White-Gluz, I concur completely. been a fan of hers for a long time, since I heard her in the Agonist. It seems hard to believe that she has had a professional career in music for almost 20 years!
  21. Singing is a skill that no gender has any advantage over another. People's voices generally sit is one octave but gender is irrelevant, it's still the same notes but in a different octave. There exists plenty of male sopranos and female basses. If you think that one gender doesn't seem to be listening very well.
  22. Unfortunately that's the reality of free to play. Even in games like Fortnite where there are no pay-to-win mechanics it is still by design to be a lesser experience without paying. Playground bully terms like "four eyes" and "spotty" have been replaced or at least added to with "Default", in reference to the skins that someone is using. So in the sense of getting the best skins being the primary objective, Fortnite IS pay to win. "You want the bad kids to respect you? Either spend dozens of hours grinding or PAY FOR IT! Don't defend Fortnite by saying it's *Cosmetic Only", it's actually worse. It's intentionally breeding a culture where you are nobody wether you are winning or not.
  23. Both their levels are vastly inferior! I'm on Chrome for Android. I hit the options button on the top right corner (three dots) and switched the website to the "desktop version". The text editor there has more options like colour, font size and alignment.
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