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  1. The most basic term would a be game where one session can be played indefinitely without stopping or following a specific objective. In other words a game "does not end". This includes most open world games like Red Dead Redemption, GTA, Assassins Creed, Skyrim and Horizon Zero Dawn. Also procedurally generated games Like No Mans's Sky, user creation type games like Minecraft and simulation/management type games like Sim City and The Sims.
  2. It's on PlayStation 2, I even posted the box art for crying out load!
  3. There are apparently some financial experts that believe Sony could be looking to make a major purchase of their own... Electronic Arts. https://www.gamingbible.co.uk/news/sony-set-to-buy-a-major-aaa-publisher-experts-say-20220121.amp.html I want to make it that this is pure speculation but it does make some sense given Microsoft's recent acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. I guess it all depends if SONY have the financial muscles and the balls to do it.
  4. There was a game on PS2 and it is cannon, set between seasons 2 and 3 of the show. It's pretty decent from what I've heard.
  5. I'd like to nominate @Kane99, he's not only contributed a lot of posts and topics but he clearly puts thought and effort into them.
  6. I haven't looked into it but I'm certain some prick-and-a-half "independent developer" has tried to cash in on it just like any other hot button.
  7. In a sick way I'm kind of encouraged by this. It's like natural selection, all the smart human beings will get vaccinated and live while all the while all the brain dead idiots kill themselves off! COVID-19 you beautiful bastard!
  8. They kind of already do with the Oculus. In wouldn't matter to me since I don't touch Facebook with a barge pole. That grubby fucker of a company would take the cream and sugar out your coffee tea if they could make a profit from it.
  9. Correct, it's much better for everyone if they just honour Acti-Blizzard's original agreements. When one company buys out another they gain their assets and IP's, but that also they inherit their debts and responsibilities even if they make the agreements themselves.
  10. It's obvious that if Acti-Blizzard made a deal with other platform holders to release on them then they have to honour that, but that won't last forever. It is gonna be kinda funny to see what in a sense are XBox games releasing on PlayStation for a while though!
  11. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.
  12. A new Story Trailer just came out for Horizon Forbidden West and their is a fair amount to unpack from it: Eurogamer also did a breakdown of the trailer. (Contains Spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn) https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2022-01-19-horizon-forbidden-west-just-got-a-brand-new-trailer-heres-a-detailed-breakdown I've got some ideas of my own. Since it's Sylens who gives Regalla and her Tenakth rebels the ability to control machines HADES must be involved with the blight that killing the flora and fauna. Possibly by hijacking GAIA'S terraforming functions DEMETER and perhaps others the same way that HEPHAESTUS hijacked CYAN in The Frozen Wilds. I also think the plot might revolve around restoring GAIA and her subordinate functions to working order to stop and reverse the effect of the blight. Their going to do this by finding the knowledge inside APOLLO. An alpha version of APOLLO was on the doomed Odyssey space craft project that may have survived the purge done by Ted Faro. I think now Aloy and Sylens are now effectively in a race to find it. This is where this new character Tilda is going to come into play. This is definitely going to be interesting! I'm really looking forward to this!
  13. Just to let know I can see it, all I had to do was hit "expand" tab at the bottom. As for this.... GIVE ME A FUCKING MINUTE!!! I'm still digging through your information, further posts on this thread and I'm posting in another thread as well. I will come back when I'm done!
  14. On this point I agree, western soicties have become so dependent on manufacturing and imports from China that nobody wants to bite the hand that feeds. It's simple, China does it cheaper. Even if you wanted to boycott Chinese goods and services in protest to their regime (and I wouldn't blame anyone for this in principle) it's damn near impossible. You put blame on the people like the NBA players who have to promote China and thier products as part of their sponsorship deals but, I actually feel sorry for them. Their caught between a butcrack and an unwashed scrotum. So your saying that sex offenders get of to easy, Ok fair enough but you did not explain that well at all! It was so vague and hard to figure out, it would have helping you had "said it out load here". With that being said it's not China's fault! If you want to complain about the sentencing of certain convicted criminals then I suggest you focus that energy to someone or something that's actually in the loop. Just a thought. Now that's just regurgitating propaganda and I've not got the patience for it. This kind of shit wether it comes from the left or the right (and they both do it) is pure conformation bias with zero substance. Their just telling you want you want to hear. I've heard exactly the same about Trump and I didn't believe it then either. The only control that China has is the aforementioned commercial supply they provide to meet our fill, but that is undeniably a lot. I'll finish off by saying the reason I and assumably others were so annoyed with you in that intial post was you just smashed through the wall like the Kool-Aid guy sitting on a high horse pushing ideas that seemed to have nothing to with this thread. To some degree I think you still are, now I haven't had the chance to check the evidence you posted earlier and I'll certainly take a look because I do want to be fair. Keep in mind people don't like being preached to, we want to be objective and see it for ourselves. What you really should have done was start another topic the politics section. There people would expect these kind of ideas being discussed and it wouldn't have felt like you driving in a wedge.
  15. Don't you dare call out my ignorance when it's clear you have at the very a marginal and very selective understand of it yourself. I'm no fan of China or the CCP but the actions of Activision-Blizzard have nothing directly to do with them. You've posted zero evidence of any of this but I'm just going to go in with blind assumption roll with it anyway. Corporations buy and sell shares to and from other companies all the time. There's some companies that generate their entire revenue by doing JUST this. It's got nothing to with the actions or inactions of Bobby Kotick or anyone at Activision-Blizzard when it comes to these allegations. You mean they took the opportunity to set up shop in the world's largest and fastest growing market! THOSE.... BASTARDS!!!! Seriously pal, I would actually call into question any corporation that hasn't done this! The link you post is an opinion piece about a bill that requires a 3/2 3/3 gender split for corporate boards. It's bias and has nothing to do with with China, the CCP or anything under discussion here! First of all, if YOU are making the claim, YOUR the one with the responsibility of providing the information to support your claims. I legitimately don't know what you mean with "It allows for sexual misconduct to go really, really low" . I'll look it up for myself this time but I won't be doing it again. https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201920200SB145 Ok.... So it's basically the sex offenders register for US state of California. So how exactly does this allow for sexual misconduct to go really, really low? What is low sexual misconduct? Why is low? Is high sexual misconduct worse? Can you explain ANYTHING? Not that any of that relay matters because, once again. WHAT HAS ANY OF THIS GOT TO DO WITH CHINA! Did the executive vice-president of Activision's wife have an affair with the milkman who also banged his roommate who delivered doughnuts to the head of Riot's QA department who's son once wrote an online review of the remake of the Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan which was filmed on location in China? I'm know I'm sounding like a broken record here but what's your point? What are these connections? Who are the people involved? Before you start yes I know that Riot is owned by Tencent but what the fuck has that got to do with the accusations at Activision even if people at both companies communicate? FUCK YOU! The connections between Activision-Blizzard and China that you are presenting are linked with dry spaghetti at best and are non-existant at worst, and your calling me out for being blind? Don't quote or @Crazycrabme unless you present done arguments that have substance or your at least not to lazy as to expect everyone else to fill the blanks in your own bullshit for you. Crazycrab out.
  16. Ok... I've really no context for this now, but I saw it in a video from The Click and I thought it was hilarious and sort on topic here so.... All those years I thought that Satan was the bad guy, I was stupid! 😄
  17. That's not going to bother him, the fucking leech will be sure to give himself a massive going away present. I apologize in advance for my pessimism but I'm not feeling good about this. What Microsoft are doing is monopolistic and greedy, not to mention it's going to gate off even more content for gamers on other platforms like Nintendo and PlayStation. I don't think it's a good business move for Microsoft either. Even with Activision Blizzard's share price down $68 billion is MASSIVE amount of money even for a corporation with pockets as deep as Microsoft. If they keep doing this XBox is just going to turn in to a massive hemorrhage that will constantly need to be resupplied with blood and oxygen from the rest of Microsoft's business. Maybe I'm being to cynical here but I really don't like where this is going.
  18. Just to make my position on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT'S) clear..... FUCK THESE PLANET BURNING WASTES ALONG WITH EVERYONE WHO ACTIVITY PROMOTES OR TRADES THEM! I guess none of us should really be surprised that their getting worse. Not only has the once respectable Troy Baker backed a company selling voice over NFT'S that they have now admitted uses tech from a freely available text to speech service without permission (source: Eurogamer). Now some other asshole is using the likeness of popular YouTubers to push their worthless digital bullshit without consent from the YouTubers themselves. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2022-01-17-gaming-youtubers-have-had-their-likenesses-stolen-and-sold-as-nfts Victims so far include Jim Sterling, Alanah Pearce and Caddicarus. This brings my piss to a boil because none of these people would support NFT'S and Jim Sterling in particular has made several video expressing his extreme distaste for them. I really hope YouTube step in and send a cease and desist to these wankers.
  19. I think it is partially publisher and developer bullshit, which I'll get to in a bit, but there is some technical reasons for this. The main reason why Call of Duty's file sizes are so large is because they tend to use uncompressed files for audio and various other things. There actually some pro's to this. Using compressed files reduces the disk space required but it also increases the workload on the CPU. It has to "unpack" the files in the same way that you would if you were opening up a Zip file using WinZip or something. Which in a fast paced shooter like Call of Duty is not desirable. With that being said I do think Activision are being a bit fly. By allowing their games to be so large they are making it more difficult for the end user to install any of their competitors on your system. You wanna play the latest Battlefield and Call of Duty but don't got enough space? WELL TOUGH! You gotta delete our game and go through the pain in the ass process of downloading it again next time you wanna play! It's so dastardly I almost kind of admire it.
  20. Horizon Zero Dawn, Ghost Of Tsushima and God of War are must haves on PS4.
  21. Like I said, CD Project Red are an independent developer, so they function as both publisher and developer.
  22. The main mistake that CD Project Red made was that they announced the release date a full year before. Instead of gradually narrowing it down from the year to the quarter then finally settle on a date as they were developing like most companies would. That was a ridiculous and frankly arrogant decision. Not only did it mean the game was delayed multiple times but each time it was they put themselves under more pressure not to delay it again which is ultimately why it was rushed. With a game as big and complex as Cyberpunk 2077 it is impossible to predict how much progress you'll have made 12 months. Normally I'd point the finger at the publisher for something like this but CD Project Red are an inde developer, so they've only themselves to blame!
  23. Your probably thinking of Star Citizen. It was graphical impressive when it was first announced but it's constantly had to be updated as hardware has moved forward so it's average at best today. It's pretty much a scam anyway but I don't wanna get into that and derail the topic.
  24. They saved a bit of time buy using digitised actors when compared to something like Street Fighter 2 where the in game characters had to be animated. Most big games of that era took about 18 - 24 to develop. So 10 months was pretty quick but wildly unusual.
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