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Welcome to Video Game Deals on VGR – Guidelines and Rules

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What’s the key to gaming affordably? Taking advantage of deals when they show up. Whether you are hunting for discounts or you want to share a sweet deal you just discovered, this is the place to do it. But we have a few rules and guidelines for you to follow.

What to Post

This section is for game and gaming-related deals only. That means you can share discounts on video games, subscriptions, and anything else game-related (i.e. PS Plus or Xbox Games with Gold, Epic’s free games, and so forth).

Please include only the sale price in your post, not the standard list price.

We ask that you do your best to only share links to discounts from trusted sellers. What is a trusted seller? Obviously any official source (i.e. the PlayStation Store) is a trusted seller, or a major retailer like GameStop or Best Buy.

As far as resellers go, speaking for myself, I am very uncomfortable with key resellers. Please only include deals from key resellers you have personally dealt with in the past and had good experiences with. A short summary of your experience would be appreciated.

Post Formatting

All posts need to include:

  • The item
  • The sale price
  • The website where the deal can be claimed
  • When the deal begins and ends

Do NOT use any hyperlinks, shortened URLs or affiliate links. If you do, your post will be removed.

Have several deals to post at once? Please compile them into a single post rather than several individual topics.

As always, these rules and guidelines are subject to change without notice, so please check on them regularly.

Thank you for sharing the exciting deals and promotions you find with your fellow members. We all appreciate your contributions! Have fun sharing and shopping for deals!

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