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The Blackangel

RepubliKKKlans in 43 States Propose 250+ Bills to Restrict Voting Rights—Georgia Leads the Way

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The road to war is here. One party is for democracy and the other are fascist nazis/klan/confederates. Any future republican president is the fall of democracy. We have seen that their party does not hold their party accountable at all for breaking any law. They have set their standard and let their future candidates know that they can get away with anything. It's all in the name of racism. They aren't a party anymore. They are white supremacists actively working against this country and everything it stands for. I've been reading this on the news too how they are doing everything they can across the country to make it difficult to vote in black and brown and liberal communities; Biden is trying to pass an election bill, but I don't know how that will work with states being able to do whatever. It's gonna get real ugly. And as I mentioned and repeat a billion times over, any future republican president is the fall of the USA into tyranny or civil war. 

The problem with democrats and republicans is that republicans can act out in any way they want because they have absolutely nothing to lose. What do they lose in an election? The USA stays a democracy. If democrats lose, we lose 245 years of democracy and our civil liberties. So in that sense, republicans will continue to get worse because there is no threat to hold them in check. They will say whatever, do whatever, and believe in whatever. Because if they lose in their attempt for a dictatorship, then they simply fall back on the democrats upholding democracy. republicans are those spoiled brat children who are never punished by their parents. Democrats are the parents.  We need to teach them a hard lesson. 

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I say locate all who identify as republiKKKlan and strip them of all human rights, including but not limited to food and water. Make them spend a year dumpster diving, and filling up old dirty 2 liter bottles for water from an outdoor water spigot. Let them live in an abandoned and crumbling feed mill that time has forgotten. I did it for 3 years, and I'm disabled. If I can do it, then I'm sure their entitled, terrorist ass can too. Osama bin Laden hid in caves a lot of the time, and he was able to orchestrate some of the worst terrorist attacks the world has ever seen. But they're obviously studying that in their "How To..." and "Terrorism for Dummies" books.

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We need to crack down on terrorism. This is how the country treats white ISIS that attacked the capital:

--FBI contacts man on phone. Can you come turn yourself in? Man makes an appointment in a couple days to turn himself in. Gives him time to destroy evidence.

--Woman asks court if she can travel to Mexico because she had a vacation planned and they let her.

--Vegan man in jail refuses to eat jail food because it isn't vegan. They consider giving him vegan food.

--Man complains there are roaches in his cell.

--Woman wants to reschedule court because her wedding ring is stuck.

--Man wants to move his court hearing to another city because the city is too liberal where his court is.

--Man flees from cops, arrested, then court gives him bail for a no flight risk.

--Woman who stole laptop tried to sell to Russian friend gets bail for no flight risk and stays with momma.

--Man complains in court that this isn't fair.

--Independent group identifies man on camera who attacked police and reported to FBI, who even had a wanted poster. FBI never went after him. 

Only in the USA you can commit acts of terrorism and be treated with respect. 


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Something I find fascinating is that when Adolf was Putin office, his klan was constantly calling the true Americans things such as snowflake, butt-hurt, whiny, and cry babies. Yet I don't recall s single terrorist attack from us to try to overturn the election. Sure there were mass protests, but we didn't storm the capitol and cost people their lives. We didn't make terroristic threats. We didn't form a cult called Qanon (seems suspiciously similar to Ganon doesn't it) to try to whip their mindless drones into a frenzy ready to attack at a moments notice, or completely without notice.

We kept our manners and accepted 4 years of an American Holocaust, until the 2020 election. Then we ousted the little crybaby, aka Diaper Don, who didn't even have the grace to attend the inauguration, and keep the tradition of a meeting to pass the torch to the next president. Also the previous 3 presidents all secured a second term. Clinton, Bush, and the greatest President in American history, President Obama. That's 24 years occupied by only three presidents. If none had been elected to a second term it would have been six. Even though Bush was dumb as a rock, and threw us into the worst recession since 1929, he still got a second term. What's that tell you?








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Their gig is over. We see them for what and who those republicans are. They have been running on a term called PROJECTION. It's a psychology republican nazi playbook. It means that you accuse the opposition of doing something that those republicans actually do themselves. Everything that they accuse the democrats of, the republicans actually are the ones doing it. They think that if they claim it first, then it must be true. It's like don't cry wolf. If you keep saying something, then maybe when it actually is happening then maybe the public won't believe it. 

Spread conspiracy after conspiracy to confuse the public into thinking that both sides are just lying. Yes, there are two sides to the story. But the proof is here in our faces which side is in the wrong. My sis has a trump loving boyfriend and they came over recently. I mentioned that republicans were suppressing the people's votes by trying to pass laws to make it harder. The guy says that is what the dems are doing!!! WTF; I cut our greeting short at that. But I simply sent my sis news info about bills the republicans are passing and Biden's bill trying to get passed to protect voting. So, the info is right there. The actions of republicans and dems are right there in the bills they are trying to pass. So, this isn't a whose side is right. This is blatant right vs wrong. If a person is too dumb to see it; shame on them. And we go down in war together. Win or lose. 

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House passes For The People Act which would stop all republican voting suppression. Now it needs to pass the Senate, but because of some filibuster chances are it might not pass. I don't understand the point of having the House majority and Senate majority for democrats when republicans can still block bills from being passed? When the republicans had the House and Senate majority they had no problems passing whatever they wanted. 



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Should democrats even try to reach over the aisle with republicans to reach an agreement? Should dems get rid of the filibuster and pass the voting rights bill? Joe Manchin, a  senate democrat says to reach an agreement. But agree to what exactly? On one side republicans are suppressing votes and on the other democrats want to pass a voting rights bill. What agreement is there to be made? Take away early voting days, but add an extra hour on election day? 

To reach an agreement with a republican is like asking, do I want my hand cut off or the whole arm? Or better yet, we won't suppress both blacks and hispanic votes, republicans will let us choose which one to suppress. That's their bipartisanship. Fuck them. It's over. 

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RepubliKKKlans want voting rights........... for only republiKKKlans. They want Democrats banned from voting. If blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and any other non white person wants to vote, they're welcome to vote. As long as they vote republiKKKlan.

It reminds me of what Henry Ford said about the Model-T:
"A person can have any color they want, as long as they choose black."

That is the republiKKKlan motto. You can vote for anything you want as long as you vote republiKKKlan.


I still say to give them free swimming lessons. Take them to the middle of the Pacific. Throw them overboard, and whoever makes it to shore gets to live until the next challenge. The next one should be something they worship. Throw them in a pit with a bunch of hungry lions for a day. If there's anything left of them the next day, then we'll start getting creative. The rack would be fun to watch. Public neutering and spaying. That would be good. We need to keep these creatures from breeding. You know, like Bob Barker said. Control the population. When we feed them, assuming we do at all, they get rotten table scraps. Things even the dogs didn't want.

Since they're humanoid in appearance, they would be better for medical test subjects than animals. Leave the rats alone. Those are sacred creatures. Inject the republiKKKlans with the chemicals that haven't had their effects fully observed yet.

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The sooner democrats realize what the crisis is, then more of a chance to protect voting. We are on our own as a party holding democracy together. We need to follow what we have been doing against terrorists; the USA doesn't negotiate with terrorists. If the republicans step away from fascism then we can talk. But since we have republican senators that may get investigated for their role in the capital attack, then democrats need to realize the enemy within and not to compromise with terrorists. If democrats grow weak and think they can establish an agreement with the enemy within, they are mistaken. And that failure to seize the moment to protect voting will forever be lost. We shouldn't even have to be discussing voting rights. Democrats need to stand up and fucking say exactly that! Put their foot down and say enough is enough. The republicans said goodbye to democracy. Don't give in anymore. Throw that whole unity thing out the window. Only the republicans will benefit from unity at this point. Harsh, but true. The road to civil war folks. We are seeing it. 

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The road to civil war is paved with the freedoms and rights that Democrats have fought so valiantly to protect. The same ones that the republiKKKlans find inconvenient and want done away with. Some of us are taking up arms to fight the terrorists, while others are taking up shovels and pickaxes to try to dig up those freedoms and rights to restore them. It's gone beyond a question of "if", and into a question of "when" the civil war will start. In my eyes, it started on January 6th, 2021 with their attack on the Capitol building. I don't see how that can be taken as anything other than the first attack of a civil war. We took out bin Laden after 9/11. While the Capitol is still standing and the death toll isn't even comparable, people still died. So is this just a terrorist attack we're going to forgive? Is it the first attack in a civil war we're going to ignore? When I was sworn in while joining the marines, part of the oath is to defend this country from all enemies. Both foreign AND DOMESTIC. So are we going to defend this country from its domestic enemies or are we just going to sit back with our thumbs up our asses?

This is the reason I own an AR-15.

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