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  1. King45Gamer

    GTA 6

    Will there ever be a GTA 6 game releasing anytime soon like next 5-10 years soon or earilier?
  2. Does anyone remember playing Habbo Hotel growing up and roblox which game do you think better Habbo Hotel or Roblox? I would say habbo Hotel as its very retro compared to roblox which is 3D type what are your thoughts?
  3. I can't stop listening to Blinding lights by the Weeknd
  4. Who's your favorite Pop Artist of 2020 are you an arianators or selenators for its Ariana Grande as I had a crush on her growing up but I do love them both equally.
  5. Does anyone on here plays Saint Row 3 if you don't its kinda like a GTA styled game its available on Steam and PS4 and xbox I would recommend this game if you like GTA type games only downside is its kinda old as there is a 4th edition out now.
  6. Solo but I competitives once in a while if I get bored with solo at times so yea both but depends on my mood.
  7. I mean its gotta say Goku and then it has be Vegeta or Beerus.
  8. I used to Play Roblox and Club Penguin growing but it I don't like it these days I stopped playing for years. Roblox is still the same as it used to be I still play sometimes but its boring too I used to play Habbo Hotel I miss Habbo Hotel.
  9. Well mine was Fifa 14 can you love me again by John Newman
  10. Hello everyone KingGamer here found this place and I decided to join.
  11. I think it was also Super Mario game or Crazy Taxi
  12. I stared playing Saint Row the 3rd got it a few days ago.
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