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  1. By puzzles I think of games like uncharted with that being said uncharted.
  2. Nope. For me I have to use either a console or a PC very rarely would I use a handheld console aswell.
  3. I believe it is available on the PC and it's just like Grand Theft Auto. Just more explicit and better
  4. Saints row 3 remastered on the road to platinum.
  5. Usually for 12 straight hours and then for the next 2 or 3 hours watch netflix and then off to bed. No breaks really.
  6. 13 to 16 hours of straight gaming. Well depends if im aiming for platinum or not.
  7. I usually leave it the way it is unless the lighting becomes a true issue.
  8. Lately I been sleeping and not doing much because of the stuff that's been going on usually 12 hours or so
  9. A whole bundle kingdom hearts collection 1 2 3 HD 1.5 + 2.5 that goes for 100$ for 20$ on sale.
  10. Most games I play are usually FPS so I use assault rifles and SMGS.
  11. In terms of DLC and microtransactions. I'd say Trove is one thing I've spent alot of money on close to $150 just to platinum and collect all the trophies.
  12. I usually stop playing the game for a while wait until it's resolved or I'll just get back on later.
  13. Falling off a cliff and cooking a grenade to throw it through a window missing the window and dieing.
  14. Fallout Crafting and customize like systems I can deal with their not bad I like them. But if we're talking about Advanced like fortnite. Then I hate those types. So many menu text within text. For crafting shooting etc.
  15. I doubt it. Due to everything that's going on it might be temporarily stopped.
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