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  1. There is a building near where I live. It is opposite the hosputal my mum is in. Last night, a security guard was talking to me and he said RE has went downhill. Now if you go on GameFAQs and tell them that, nobody would care. 😆
  2. My oldest sister purchased a PlayStation for me, all the way back in 1998. However, the PS2 will always remain number-one for me. But the PS4 is very close, I think.
  3. So the new WWE game recently came out, and it is very buggy. 🤔 Ah, 2K. So you have learned nothing, huh?
  4. Anybody play Android games on a smart TV box?
  5. Yeah, but I think it is better to ignore people like that. Or at the very least, report their abuse in private so they cannot see the complaint publicly. Remember how Nancy defeated Freddy? You have to take away their power. Then it renders them weak.
  6. The Australian nuisance that I know, has made another account on this autism forum I visit, and he uploaded videos on YouTube to make fun of my loved ones. What an idiot!
  7. At the end of the day, wankers can be bigger jerks online, because it's easy to act out their objective.
  8. Not only is this jackass using my pseudonym, he is making a fool of my mum. Moderator Edit: I have removed the video you posted for two reasons; The only reason you would post this is to encourage people to "go after" this individual, and that's something I simply can't allow. You have been warned before about posting similar things in the past, like posting photos and links to peoples social media who claim to be harassing you and that is something that can't be allowed. As a persons YouTube channel can often be used to track down more personal accounts or information, I can't allow this either. Consider this my way to encouraging you to simply ignore this sort of thing or seek more appropriate assistance. If you want a safe space to discuss any problems like this you are having with harassment online, then I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we are hear for you, but you should seek more specific advice on how to deal with it as we are not equipped to offer much help. Here's a link to a UK based Citizens Advice page on harassment to help you find options on how to combat this.
  9. I was more interested in this spin off title that was talked about before, codenamed Outrage, with Rebecca Chambers. It was supposedly going to be the third Revelations game, until the title change. It was meant to be about Rebecca working in a university campus, where the students end up becoming infected and act like tougher zombies, and your health was said to be crucially low near the beginning. Natalia Korda was going to be serving as an antagonist, due to Alex Wesker being in her mind. But so far, Capcom hasn't confirmed this is even a real game. To me, it seemed more indicative of the franchise's core roots, as opposed to the fantasy type ideas they've been incorporating as of late.
  10. I've not seen them for a long time, but they're generally regarded as being among the best movies of the eighties. I can also recommend the Best of the Best films. Wax on, wax off. 😉
  11. So Capcom had a new game shown off on Wednesday just past there, concerning dinosaurs in a city, which people assumed was a reboot of a certain series, especially after seeing the red haired woman. But there is still nothing about RE8 DLC. 🥴 At this rate, I wonder if they are even working on it anymore.
  12. RE4 and RE8 are practically similar games. You go through a village, then end up in a castle. Later on, you are at a reservoir and then a factory. It's basically just the same type of places per each game. I think Capcom wanted everybody to buy RE8 because of the fact they virtually copied just about everything from RE4, and I reckon they did that because it is more hype for the upcoming remake. 🤑
  13. Something I find weird, is that how come nobody knew the village was there all along? Surely people would pass through that region. They're bound to know it's a real place. Despite the werewolves, the vampires, and Duke of course, that's just so odd. But whatever, right? It's just a game. 😅
  14. OK. So perhaps I haven't gave up on the series. Maybe I can just say that I have a personal preference for the ones released before 2005. Or the "ones with the zombies" as others jokingly point out. But I suppose with the landscape of the series changing all of the time, that's all up to Capcom in that they have that say more than we may want to admit it. People often say to me that if Capcom incorporated things into the games like vampires and lycanthropy, that's their decision, because there isn't any "rules" that object to that, just because earlier games had different enemy types and gameplay styles. To them, it means nothing. However, I think fans will probably think they ran afoul of changes that don't necessarily suit the tone or the establishment up to this point in history, or whatever it is supposed to be. I think with some franchises, people mistakingly believe that the first entry of anything then sets the bar, and that everything has to remain similar for fear of it selling-out, being not as good as it used to, or something to the effect. However, I do think in some ways, that's what they did, but then everybody says it needed to make these changes, to adapt to the marketing target. It's a hard pill to swallow, but the series may not be around today if they didn't do the decision making they underwent years ago. When was that? In 2004?
  15. Sadly, I've received the sad news that my mother is in hospital, severely ill. I will keep you updated as I learn more. 😟
  16. More or less. You cannot 'trademark' a punk with ginger hair. It's a standard baddie. 😁
  17. Well, I hope so. Ada hasn't been in any mainline games since 2012. And I worry that some of the characters don't get prioritised by Capcom anymore. You know? Like Jill.
  18. Sometimes, I will hear a great song, having never came across a promo clip before. Next thing I know, I later discover the track has a music video after all, and I can see why some bands find them embarrassing. It must be the record company making them do it. 😆
  19. Yikes. The last mainline game was out in North America on 13 March, in 2012. So that's almost an entire decade ago. Those stories over the last few years about the franchise coming back, didn't amount to anything other than just being somebody's idea of trying to take the Mickey. At one point, Abandoned was said to be a secret Hideo Kojima project. But that was debunked as well. It looked nothing that was reminiscent of the series anyway. Yet people like myself were hopeful it was genuine. As the years go by, it looks as if Konami just doesn't give a crap about reviving Silent Hill, or any of their other famous games.
  20. The DLC for RE7 was meant to come out 2 months after the base game. There was quality concerns, so Capcom postponed the launch of it by 9 months. We didn't receive it until December of 2017, when it was supposed to be released in March of that year. In this case, they are doing it from possibly scrapped content. So whatever was intended to be in the main game, will likely be going into the post release stuff. But as of yet, nothing has been verified about what it is, exactly. Some news got around before that Ada Wong was going to be disguised as a plague doctor and be sent on a mission to retrieve something. Because it was an odd fit for the story surrounding Ethan Winters, they didn't go ahead with that at the time. It probably would have felt too much like RE4, in which she also got sent to a village, where as you know, she was reunited with Leon Kennedy.
  21. They announced it at E3, in June. I don't think they intended to have DLC from the beginning, like they did with RE7. It was more like a request from the fans. Surely, it cannot be too much longer now. The game is nearly a year old.
  22. Was Streets of Rage just copying this? The punks and whip wielding ladies are the same.
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