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  1. I think most of the escorts on removed by moderator are fake, and have a bad attitude. From those sites being amok with scammers to just delusional spring daisies having a mean-spirited demeanor, or findom dommes wanting simps to play sugar daddy for them, it's gotten to be a waste of time looking for intimacy online. Even a lot of dating sites are known for their various frauds and carrot dangling tactics.
  2. I bet half the game will be post launch DLC, especially if it's gonna be open world. They'll probably have some prequel based story content like 'Daughters' and 'End of Zoe' from RE7. Well, I wouldn't automatically assume survival horror is back. Capcom personnel said RE8 had more action in response to the alleged criticism for 7 being "too scary" for some players, which I honestly wasn't keen on believing, giving their history of making up similar lies. Sometimes, I think they just like to say stuff so if anybody should ask them about the shift in gameplay, they can just obscure the real answer. That being that they know action oriented gameplay is more marketable. Oh, Capcom. Come here and gimme a kiss. ๐Ÿ˜™ In fact, RE8 is a straight-up, boni-fide clone of RE4, and 4 was of course the game that made RE become a full on action-horror franchise from that point forward. So I don't really trust their usual, "This is gonna be the most RE like RE game to date" comments, since they said inaccurate things like that plenty of times already. In other words, they ain't fooling me. ๐Ÿ˜›
  3. ๐Ÿ˜‚ That title. It reminds me of some other game.
  4. Yeah, but some games don't even have zombies. Lately, it has only been the remakes. The games after 4 except for 6 and a brief section of 5 have other kinds of enemies. RE8 definitely has the most unusual range of enemy types to date.
  5. Yeah. I like the films and how they even have to traverse through the woods without wearing shoes. Imagine you accidentally knock over a jar of pickles in a kitchen. Oh dear. Best to start running. ๐Ÿคช
  6. I really want to see Alex Wesker again. She controls Natalia. And Barry adopted her after meeting her on an island. This is one storyline I feel is important, but for some reason, it has not been continued since 2015, back when Revelations 2 was released. Capcom has so many gaps to fill, that you may wanna have them call up a dentist. ๐Ÿ˜
  7. Capcom announced it, or at least acknowledged it yesterday. Superb. Now Gamescom cannot come quickly enough.
  8. Yeah. I will just find something else to do.
  9. There's a guy on YouTube who I've been donating to for over 4 years. I first started supporting him in 2020 when the Resident Evil 3 remake was about to be released, and you could talk to him using Skype. The guy has a reputation for being crazy and repeating himself, but nobody takes him seriously anyway. They know he just messes around, so people know his amusing lines off by heart by now. He also always uses the same type of thumbnails on his videos. The thing is, he just insults his audience now. He called me a simp once, but I accepted he may have just been having an off day, so I never challenged the rude remark at the time. But when I donate ยฃ2 sometimes, he complains about being interrupted and expects higher amounts, instead of just being grateful he got a tip from a fan. Or he moans that people don't watch him enough, when he has well over 5K followers now, I think. But you can tell he's a grumpy nerd who thinks this gaming related ranting is his full-time job, or whatever. I don't watch all his streams as some games or subjects he covers just isn't my thing, which is fine. But a lot of people heard him calling me a loser live recently, so they suggested I unsub from him. Also, a guy who used to occasionally broadcast alongside him was covering his bad attitude recently and seemed surprised he was talking trash about a lot of us, as we had been pledging to him for ages. I must have donated hundreds of pounds to him already, for the engagement. But nothing lasts forever, I guess. I'm not obligated to hang around to be insulted, nor am I anybody's kick bucket or pay pig. If he doesn't care any more, why should I? My cash could go to any number of other pursuits.
  10. So many game trailers are primarily cinematic, but show little or no gameplay. This tactic may work, but it's a game. Not a movie. People are gonna be curious as to what the game is like in terms of the controls, objectives, etc.
  11. If you think JoyFreak is bad, check out anxietyforum.net. Whoever started up that site no longer maintains it. This seems to be a common issue online: Admins leaving their forums behind, but are seemingly too stubborn to totally let go of something that they know has ran its course. This weird Australian guy I know called James took my user name, because my pseudonym on there is a different one to what I normally have been using on other forums. So he has been spamming all over it since 2021 to I assume, attempt to gain the top spot on Google if somebody searches for my handle, and he posts vile comments, lies about who he is, registers a lot of sock puppet accounts, and so on. Then I changed my ID on other forums, but he just obsessively listed them in one of his profiles, along with my real name and address. He did it on acyberlove.com as well back in 2017, then stalked me on Fandom wikis, YouTube, Internet Archive, the 8-ball pool app, some movie databases, and other sites. You could say I have been dealing with his abuse pretty much every week since September of 2017. I've emailed Cloudflare several times and the hosts of certain sites to complain. Their typical put off remark to each report is that, "they are looking into it". Now he is uploading dumb videos on YouTube about me, or in a veiled attempt to impersonate me.
  12. Honey has been referred to as the food of the gods. The cheaper brands may not be as good for you, but I don't know.
  13. That's just a dream of ours at this point. ๐Ÿคฉ
  14. Yes. I use my own clippers, then off it goes. ๐Ÿ˜š
  15. I got abused during my younger years, as I had a quiet personality and was not hyperactive, for lack of a better description. Then I went to a place for tests. They didn't diagnose me with ASD until 2007. After which, I started to gain welfare and support workers. But I had the misfortune of going with Autism Initiatives in Scotland. They're bad news, unfortunately. What a fanny wank for a company they turned out to be. Had this guy emailing me crap with an alias, then confessing to doing it. I guess though, you get lousy people in any job, place, or whatever the case may be. So maybe we can just chalk it up to me being unlucky. I don't even know if he got the sack, or if they investigated the matter, since they didn't tell me why he departed from his job. Even so. That's just being unprofessional. He should be banned from being a support worker, just in general. But yeah. That was so out of line.
  16. It's basically the 'chav culture' to us. ๐Ÿ˜›
  17. I think the games will probably all be mediocre. Silent Hill while it has its many fans, ain't anywhere as commercially appealing as RE is. And not having Team Silent to work on the series any longer is just gonna mean that they will likely serve up average titles from indie studios.
  18. I've been after one with HDMI output so I can plug in a dock and use it like an Android TV box, but I think a lot of low cost phones only have a casting (smartview) option. You usually have to go look up about the make you have, since they don't really tell you if it is HDMI capable to begin with. Because I use mobile data, I don't have a modem for connecting to proper WiFi. I use my hotspot to get online. But I found Google Chromecast to be too fiddly, as it sometimes fails to find my device.
  19. I walk about wearing earphones a lot, because I don't like to tangle them up. I listen to YouTubers talking about games. But I notice idiotic car drivers purposefully toot at me when I am not even crossing the road, just to take the Mickey.
  20. Yes. But I need a spell checking app more than a screen cover. Lately, I noticed on many of my comments, I make so many unusual typos, which I used to be able to avoid. It is usually because I accidentally hit the wrong letter.
  21. In Child's Play 3, Andy was for the only time in the franchise, played by a different actor. Kind of hated that, although he did the part well enough.
  22. I watched a bit of some 80's slasher film, Slaughter High, but it looks quite awful. I seen it listed on Prime. Before that, I sat through one called The Witch Who Came from the Sea, but it was a bit on the boring side.
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