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  1. It reached number-one over the weekend. People sucked you know what in hell for it, no doubt. Which is why so many movies are overrated, and I knew it would claim the top spot, because these people like the popularity of the originals too much not to, and I think box office placings are mostly predetermined so they are bound to be successful if they aren't competing or duking it out with anything else that's popular (in the same week). But this recycling of old franchises ain't helping to bring in new ideas. 🤔
  2. Yep. Grease is the word. 🥳 There was actually a follow up around 1982, but it was not well received.
  3. I like how iPhones also have screen mirroring and a desktop mode. It's just like having a portable PC. Android TV boxes apparently come loaded with malware. In general, they are still useful for their budgeted price. But most of them don't even run 4K content, or whatever the box lies about.
  4. My mum was buried after 1 PM yesterday. I took one of the chords as the coffin went in. Was choking up a bit when the limo entered the cemetery. My sister was crying her eyes out. 🥺 At the service in the funeral parlour, the minister said my mother was living in Australia for a few years and her late brother stayed longer to get married, before returning to Scotland too. A few wee jokes too. That made me feel glad. Although he did say my mum didn't particularly enjoy her time in the country. 😅 I arrived first to get a good talk with mum and to say thanks for all the support and great memories. Some of the things we left in the casket were felt animals (a puffin, fox and owl) and Beatles socks, and a tea towel with puffins, and a card featuring the Isle of Arran, as it was her most cherished holiday destination. 😇
  5. In the early hours of this morning, which is the day of my mother's funeral, my younger sister started bombarding me with text messages. Really nasty ones. This came about because yesterday, the tosser was supposed to meet me outside a shop, near the parlour. So she agreed to this, so I could buy a Bruce Lee shirt for the coffin. Of course, not being all with it, she forgot to get off the bus to meet me, and became rather aggressive when I rightfully told her off. But I mean, to hell with being treated like that by your own family. She has this condition called FND. Anybody know what that's like, exactly?
  6. My mother's funeral is on Wednesday. After that, I will have to think things through carefully. It's gonna be hard not having my mum around any longer.
  7. Thanks. I hope my family sees justice. They had no right to stop her treatment. Dialysis is vital for someone with renal failure. And my mum packed her things and left the hospice, to come home. So one day, nurses came one after the other and overdosed her on either fentanyl or tranquillisers. Then by not draining the excess fluid in her body that had been gathering up, this stupid negligence caused her stomach to swell up, and then the bodily toxins would have kicked in. And I'm sure that malpractice would have worsened her abdominal aortic aneurysm.
  8. This classic Xmas hit took decades to finally claim the top spot in the UK. 😅
  9. Sadly, I lost my mother on the 9th. My family are going to file a lawsuit. The paramedics who attended to her at home stated that nurses had overdosed her on drugs. The NHS in the UK is just an utter disgrace now, and so not trustworthy. To make matters worse, the buggers are harassing my sister at the home, seemingly to retrieve a log book with a record of her medication because they know they messed up, big style. Unfortunately, as my mother lay in hospital, she couldn't receive dialysis again. She was also frail and unresponsive. They also signed her off from dialysis too, which she never agreed to, but the staff from the hospice intervened. My uncle and siblings attended to pay their respects. The 9th was also my sister's birthday. I have two sisters with the same birthday, but they were born in separate years. So, yeah. That certainly sucked. The funeral is planned for next week. Going to be a celebration of the life of the most wonderful person in my world, with an obituary, music and no black clothes allowed. Mum was a person of colour, after all. She wasn't a fan of dreary things. But yeah. It's sad how you cannot even depend on these health specialists. Rest in peace, mum. ❤️
  10. Yikes. But at least we weren't 'kept in the dark' about this update. ☺️ Oh well. We have other horror games to enjoy this autumn. 🥵
  11. I think the camera really helped to immerse you in the horror world, but ever since it went to over the shoulder, the gameplay in survival horror titles has been more action focused, hereby removing a lot of that horror appeal from the classic era. To be honest, no new RE game is really that scary. But in my opinion, The Evil Within 2 has one of the most impressive bosses in Laura. That game also feels genuinely creepy because of the atmosphere, despite it having the same type of gameplay style as RE4. Although perhaps the story didn't make much sense. Because I don't think they actually revealed what the hell this Silent Hill-like world called STEM was supposed to be. In general, I don't think there's many "scary" modern horror games, because most of them have too much cheesy action, and characters in RE games are more like superheroes nowadays. There's also certain games where you can't fight back. You can only flee. And meh. Not being able to retaliate much just feels lame. Even Ethan (a seemingly normal guy) wasn't so normal either. LOL. He was ordinary up until the mould got him all suped up.
  12. Revealed during Gamescom, it's an upcoming 2024 horror sequel in the style of retro 90's classics. So, yeah. It has a fixed camera perspective. 😀
  13. Needing a few fillings at the dentist this Thursday. Gonna also ring up my ISP to give them notice to end my contract, because the broadband I have is absolutely dire. It was due up on the 8th of September, but I guess it will end a bit later perhaps since I haven't contacted them yet. It's that slow, I cannot get videos to load up using my phone in bed. I feel like registering with TalkTalk was a waste of money. When I change to my mobile data with that network instead, it ain't especially great either. But it's still slightly better at loading media up, and if there's a 240p option, I am lucky. My broadband speed is only around 0.2 MBPS. They told me fibre wasn't available, but if I had known their line was that poor, I wouldn't have signed up for such abysmal quality. It's way too slow, though. Imagine trying to upload a video in HD when it's already running at a snail's pace. Giffgaff in the UK do this unlimited data pack for £25, I think. But they throttle your speed after 80GB of it is used. If I go outside, the signal improves. Indoors, it's obviously blocked by the brickwork, making streaming a chore. I guess I could just use cheaper data packs for to watch wrestling shows from now on, and the rest of the time, go leech off the public WiFi at the mall, or outside other venues. And I mostly just play YouTube videos to hear people's thoughts, so I don't care if the resolution isn't clear...
  14. Linda Blair has suffered enough. Is this exorcist story gonna be a continuation of the first movie, like the many, many other 'alternative' horror sequels that skip over certain entries, like they never even occurred? All Hollywood does nowadays is reboot franchises, or at least kind of soft rebooting them. But then it makes the already established continuity or whatever, rather pointless. That's because everything appears to be ignored. Like Laurie and Michael Myers. Jamie Lee Curtis wasn't killed off then, I suppose.
  15. My mum likes to be by the sea. The hospice she goes to for respite is close to the water. 🌊
  16. What makes people think they can get away with this? This reminds me of the fake RE7 or RE8 game that was also pulled.
  17. This is definitely Jackie Chan's greatest movie in terms of stunts. It's also very funny in parts. He is able to slide down a steep hill and get bad guys to stop a hijacked bus. I didn't find it awfully realistic how they basically catapult themselves through the windows, though. The dubbing in some versions isn't too great. He is sometimes named Kevin in certain prints, but just simply Jackie in others. In 1996's "First Strike" (technically, the fourth and final entry), he is only called Jackie.
  18. If you don't like a person that you've never even met, for example, why would you feel motivated to make 6,783,578 accounts and/or posts to attempt to annoy somebody online? For an estimated 20 to 7 years, too. Some people don't have a life and are clearly in the OCD category. Yeah. One guy does it to me every week. It's just really sad.
  19. Recently, I watched it, and I thought it provided quality fan service. Although if you're not a huge RE fan or just not one at all, then it won't be for you, I suppose. At one point, Chris talks about losing Piers, the sidekick he had in his unit in RE6. Jill looks the same as in the recent (although pretty terrible) remake of the third game, but that's because of the T-Virus slowing down the aging process. However, they don't quite touch on it in the movie. She just feels bad for having helped Wesker. Anyway, go check it out.
  20. Robert Englund is done playing Freddy. ☹️ https://variety.com/2023/film/news/freddy-krueger-robert-englund-wont-play-freddy-anymore-1235624171/amp/
  21. I know the franchise makes money. But it barely feels believable anymore. 😁 How many Ghostfaces are there altogether? 🙍‍♂️
  22. No. I'd say that while the streaming market is rising, the sales of tickets at the box office should indicate to movie buffs, that most people still prefer the theaters. *Munch, munch.
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