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  1. As if this week wasn't already front-loaded with console news, Microsoft just approved an emulator for the Xbox One that can play classic Nintendo games. It allows users to play ROMs of NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advanced titles.
  2. Sure, they may have malfunctioned a bit or given you a few troubles. But you are that one loved user that left and didn’t come back because you had found another love. Now, that console box is just laid there, jilted like a true ex-box. You must be getting the thrills with your new console though; I mean – everyone gets the thrills. But you don’t have to leave your former consoles rotting away, or worse, at the bottom of a trash bin. In the spirit of console-ation, you can keep the lights on for them, by trying to putting them to good use.
  3. Aston villa foot ball club has defeated Liverpool in their first leg match. Can they still do the same in their second leg match. Let us anticipate.
  4. Frank lampard is the best coach in the premier league this season. He has been consistent with the way he organise and field in some player. And they give him the result he wants, but not all the time. They lose some of match thou, but they are still the best
  5. It is always best to analyse match with a representative of each team inside the studio. Also using commentators to analyse match too is also advisable because they watch it from the beginning to the end.
  6. A lot of competitions among the top strikers of different clubs in English premiership. Kane , son, martial or Abraham, James vardy , will have it. But Kane will surely have it with the way spurs are playing this days.
  7. The government did not trust online voting as a means to vote. Most reasons are attached to it. I want to know different reasons why they don't want to trust the process.
  8. African countries suffers a lot during this pandemic period. Their government did not have enough money to cater for their citizens and they don't have industries that produce equipment and tools to fight the virus. Most of their citizens did not work during this period and their government did not share enough food for them .
  9. United State government is the best when it comes to democratic government. They offer their citizens freedom to do whatever they want, but not anything illegal. Can it be so in other nations ?
  10. China has greatly improved with their technology, which has make them to control the world. They produce machines in all aspects of industrialization. Different nations purchase the machine,which makes them to have more money.
  11. I prefer Messi to Ronaldo. Messi is a play maker and do a lot of assist compare to Ronaldo. He has also won the overall best player more than him. With all this make him the best player to me.
  12. Can players really have strength to play 90 minutes non stop. I really want to know if it is possible. But I doubt it.
  13. Bayern Munich have lost one of their matches this season. Fans believe they might still have to lose some matches. Can they really win with the league with over 100 points.
  14. Premiership is the most interesting league, the league is more competitive unlike other league. Is other league really competitive?
  15. Table tennis is really an interesting games to watch. I do stream them online. It is mostly played by the Asian countries. Am willing to watch a world tournament any time soon to know if the Asian countries are the best ?
  16. Basket ball is really an interest game. Their way of counting point is unique. Sometimes they say three point, and sometimes they say one point, how will I identify how they count their points
  17. Basket ball is one of the unique game in the sport. When I watch it, the referee do stop the game because of traveling. I really want an explanation to it.
  18. Premiership matches between bigger teams and small teams this days are unpredictable, teams like Aston villa, Everton and some others are giving the bigger teams problem. They even defeated Liverpool, arsenal. People that are into bet don't win this days.
  19. Virgil van dijk is seen performing training at anfield. Fans are really happy. Liverpool football club have suffers from their defensive line up. And hopefully they wish he can be back sooner on pitch.
  20. Arsenal football club have been having concern about their players having injury. Players like Thomas partey is having injury, which is making them to have problem with their center mid field. They hope he recovers quick so they can have their mid field solid again.
  21. The death of maradona is a great loss in the history of football. We hope the world can bear the great loss, as we miss the great legend. Also can the Argentina do well in the next world cup because of this great loss.
  22. Great fear for bacelona fans in the next transfer window, as their great legend wants to leave the club. He said he will like to play with neymer again. There fan are having hard feelings about the news. And they are not sure if it will happen or not.
  23. The team is great this season, they defeated Barcelona in their own fortress. Hopefully they might won the title. Do anybody see to them winning the title.
  24. Naruto animation really catch my attention 6 years back. It is fun to watch and improve ones imagination about designing games. Anybody that has watch it should share his or her ideas.
  25. People have different means to destroy ones reputation, never the less I, I don't think it is a good thing to do spoil ones reputation . What goes around comes around.
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