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  1. bomb

    Your football team?

    Team Arsenal. But this days we have lost too much in our last four games. It painful.
  2. I manage to watch ben 10. Drakular kingdom, night mood. Watch all combined in a disc, when I am tired here from my work station.
  3. Avatar can never be remade. It is unique in it's own way or else if they just want to republishes it and improves on the graphics view.
  4. Power rangers. Too much of superb and exotic to watch. The movie will get your attention. But most time I don't know why old people don't like watching it.
  5. Jar jar is fun to watch in the movie, it gives a sense of humor that makes the movie to be great. The phantom menace are too serious with their ways and doing. But you see the third, it is surely the best.
  6. This platform is a great deal, they worth it my brother. With their subscription, you have access to a lot of videos monthly before you can make another subscription. And they also offer great and quality graphics movies
  7. bomb


    BBC is good anyway, with their repetition of news most of the time. People that miss the first one can catch with the ones they miss later on.
  8. Most time my friend do watch it to improve on their gaming skills about the assassin Creed, but unfortunate they did not know how they can manage to improve yet, what they are looking for right now is to look for expert, that can teach them.
  9. How often do u guys play community competition with game of your choice. Am looking forward to football game competition around my community. Will you guys do that in your areas too?
  10. I find it more interesting inviting friends and family to my house to play games. But a friend talk about we going to game center to play. Want to ask about the best place to play games, home or game center ?
  11. A friend of mine need tips on how one can integrate his business for more customers to patronise. Different reply will be much appreciated.
  12. Can a business owner have a section of game center to promote his or her business around the community. Or how do u think game can be use to promote business.
  13. My parents often disturb me to teach them game, which I do refuse because they will be more focus on it, and might cause them not to see to other things. Have anybody teach his or her parent how to play game here?
  14. Unlike playing with strangers that are good. It makes me to concentrate and focus more on the game. But my friends that we play often most times don't makes it fun joke when we first start to play. What did you feel guys.
  15. Most online game require a lot of data to access them. But as far as offline game is concerned, all you need to do is download it and start playing at leisure time. Who know much of online game that does not require much data consumption.
  16. It's time developers and publishes don't rush, when they want to publish games. I strongly recommend that they should check properly for them to know the functionality of the game.
  17. This days the way my children are addicted to game, and make me feel somehow. I feel they might not be serious in school with their studies. Should I just let them be or I should find means to make them stop playing.
  18. Get a PS4 install foot FIFA 2020,enjoy as you play. It can even be a source of earning if you can get a shop and beautiful it as a game center.
  19. Foot ball mostly. Except if any of my friends at playing other games. But football, I keep playing them often and often.
  20. City Hunter is the most boring game for me. The graphics and background is too dull. And moreover the character they use in the game are just not good. You can't even differentiate from enemy and the passers by.
  21. I want to start playing games online with other people but don't know which type of games. I want to connect with people around the world. Want to see their game skills.
  22. I have never come across animal games. Anybody here that has come across it should recommend one to me. Want to see how it look like. people talk about it a lot in my area.
  23. Sunya is my favorite mortal character. She is flexible and can jump very high. She is having a lot of powers to neutralize others powers. But am looking for more characters I can be using.
  24. I hope to see a more sophisticated gaming pad in the nearest future. Or has any body seen any gaming pad that is so much more recently.
  25. I prefer longer adventure games, it makes me have more time to deal with different enemies at different intervals. I will like someone to recommend a more longer adventure game here.
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